The Grave Dust causes ripples in Nollywood

AS cast and crew of The Grave Dust, produced by Obi Madubogwu completes studio work ahead of the world premiere in November, the buzz in the Nigerian film industry, better known as Nollywood, has been that of anticipation.

The new film which features Joke Silva, Ramsey Nouah, Emeka Okoro, Joseph Benjamin and Amaka Chukwujekwu is believed to be stirring ripples in the film industry, owing to the pioneering role of certain aspects of the film. Reputed to be one of the expensive works in the industry in 2014, the film directed by Ikechukwu Onyeka was written by Ugezu Ugezu and Saint Joseph, but was sponsored by Crownprince Productions, a frontline entertainment company.

The suspense-filled psycho-thriller tells the story of a successful stockbroker, who suddenly hits the reverse gear on the lane of success due to reasons he could not comprehend and how he was left in his own world in his palatial mansion that is filled with tormenting elements.

Speaking on the new work, Madubogwu, the producer who came to international limelight with his role in Battle of Musanga, said, The Grave Dust was conceived to take the industry to the next level.

According to him, “I have done several productions in Nollywood having practised for over two decades. I must say that the story of The Grave Dust is one of the most unique stories I have encountered; which was why I made sure that nothing was spared in making it a huge success. It is unique in the sense that it questions a lot of concepts that are easily overlooked in the African society. The film was made with Africans in mind and that is where Nollywood is headed now. It allows the audience to make decisions from the unfolding drama and suspense. I think the highpoint lies in the fact that it has elements of all essentials that make a good film. In terms of acting, it highlights the various star actors like Ramsey Nouah, Joke Silva, Emeka Okoro and Joseph Benjamin at their best; because this is one film they shot with a lot of commitment owing to the unique story line. That commitment is highlighted in their acting which the audience will see when the film comes to the cinema. In any case ‘The Grave Dust’ will also unveil a new talent that Nollywood will not stop talking about, and that is Amaka Chukwujekwu. She played the lead role in the film, and the audience would understand why she earned the lead role when they see her performance.”

The film tentatively slated to show in cinemas across Nigeria in November will also be screened to audiences in United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Holland and South Africa.


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