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‘The greatest lesson life has taught me is to have faith in God’- Lepa Shandy

+Speaks on her movie premiere

On Sunday, April 10, 2016, Folashade Omoniyi-Adewale, famously addressed as Lepa Shandy will be staging a two-in-one event – birthday celebration and the premiere of her new movie, Eri Ife Leyi (This is the evidence of love). The event will hold at De Blue Roof, LTV 8, Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos and it’s expected to attract dignitaries from far and near. ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with the fair-skinned actress on this and much more when we cornered her at an event in Ikeja, Lagos, on Friday, March 18, 2016.


What’s going on right now from the stable of Lepa Shandy?

I am planning what I call double celebrations holding on Sunday, April 10, 2016 at De Blue Roof, LTV 8, Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos. The event will feature my birthday and a movie premiere. That’s why it’s tagged, double celebrations. I just looked at what God has done for me, and I believed I should give Him the glory for sparing my life till today. So, I want people, especially my fans to join me in thanking God for His mercies and protection over me, my career and my family. And I’m  launching my new movie is to let the people out there know that I never left acting, I am still very much active as ever in the industry.

What’s the title of the movie?

Eri Ife Leyi (This is the evidence of love).

What informed the title? Does it have anything to do with your new marital life?

It has nothing to do with my life at all. It’s not about Lepa Shandy. Although, all my stories have always been about true life experiences but none has ever been my story. The day I will tell my story through a movie, I will let the public know. But this one has nothing to do with my life.

But in your interview with us, you said you would soon release a movie that will tell the whole story about your life and it’s going to shock the whole world.

(Cuts in) Oh! Not that one yet. It’s going to be a bigger one. I am not prepared for that yet. I don’t just want to shoot it anyhow. I want it to be done in a way that people will understand the message I want to pass across. So, they should just keep their fingers crossed.

It’s been long you produced a movie maybe because you have not been around for quite long. How do you now think the movie will be well accepted by the public, especially your fans?

First, what prompts an actor or a movie producer to produce a movie is the reason for it. You can’t just produce a movie without any need for it. Movie production is not a yearly or monthly affair.

You can produce even once in three years. But it must surely be purposeful.

What differentiates your new movie from the previous ones?

Probably because of the storyline. And two, it’s a bigger project because I shot it in the UK and Nigeria. I went to the UK twice because of this movie. And the fact that people have been yearning to see my personal movie despite the fact that I have been appearing in other movies. So, I just want to use the movie to announce my comeback in a bigger way.

How much has the movie gulped so far?

I can’t disclose that because I don’t lie. All I know is that the movie is a very big one and full of messages. And in terms of financial aspect of the production, locations and all that, Eri Ife Leyi stands out among other movies. I spent good money and I never borrowed a dime. I thank God for that.

Now, on your birthday, we understand you’re born in March, why did you choose to celebrate your birthday in April?

I was born on March 23, but because of Easter which comes a week after my birthday, I had to shift it a bit so that people would have become more relaxed.

We learnt you’re celebrating 45, how true is it?

Yes, something like that. But that shouldn’t be your headline please.

Are you not happy turning 45?

I am happy clocking 45. I give thanks to God.

What’s the significance of this birthday celebration?

It’s of a great significance. Even, it’s in the Bible and I am also sure of it in the Qur’an that we should always count our days so that we can see the goodness of the Lord. Look at me now and look at where I am today. There are many of my age mates that are not where I am today. With all sense of modesty. I am not saying I am perfect or they’re not. It’s just the grace of God that sustains me till this hour going by what one has gone through.

So, I must be grateful to God. I am 45, married with kids and I have a career. What else do I want from God again other than be thankful to Him? I will forever give Him he glory. I have every cause to glorify God’s holy name, and that’s why I am celebrating my birthday also.

What’s the worst story of your life in your journey to 45?

My dear brother, I will say I don’t have much but almost everyone has one bitter story or the other to tell. But left to me, I don’t dwell on that. Not that I don’t have mine as well, but I just want to keep counting my blessings not failure because my blessings are much more than my failure in my journey so far. In fact, it’s not worth dwelling on one’s failures. The past is past as it will forever remain where it is. So, let’s move one. I thank God I am a happy person.

At 45, what’s the greatest lesson life has taught you?

The greatest lesson is to believe in God. What will be will be, just have faith in His name. Even if the soothsayers say something is going to happen in your life, it’s only God that can say it will surely be. And if you relax, you don’t work towards it and you don’t put your faith in God, such a thing will never come to pass. It’s only God that can make any prophecy that will come to pass. So, believe in God and not man.

At your age, you’re still maintaining your stature, gracefully ageing, what’s your beauty secret?

I have always said it, it’s God because I don’t have any beauty routine. And that’s why I need to thank God. I owe Him a lot of thanks.

What are the things you can’t do again having clocked 45?

I can’t do just anything now but when I was single, I didn’t give a hoot but now, I have to be cautious of whatever I do. Now, I have a home to keep, I have a husband, career and all that. So, I can’t just do things any how again. So, whenever I want to take step, I think back. That’s what the new age has taken from me. Now, I have become more cautions and more mature. But ever before, I used to be very blunt. You also know almost everything about me, you can as well testify to what I said. But now, I give God the glory for everything.

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