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The high-flying, jet-set world of private jets, luxury yachts and scenic spots of Jyoti and Kiran

The Matharoo sisters titillated and wowed impressionable young ladies with their jet-set lifestyle as they had access to more free money dolled out by their randy rich lovers and proceeds from their blackmail. Apart from parading designer attires and accessories, they enjoyed the best life has to offer on private jets, luxury super yachts, boutique hotels and restaurants with gourmet meals prepared by Michelin-starred chefs. Of course, provided by the misguided moguls.

The lnstagram posts of The Kardashian look-alike vividly captured some of their escapades across the globe. Their 50,000 followers were entertained with their exploits and seeming good fortune as they pranced and sashayed at the chicest spots the wealthy favour.

Reports have it that they jetted frequently to Monaco, Paris, London, beach resort in  Nassau (Bahamas),  Las Vegas, New York, and even their native India where they spent some time in 2015 visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra, stopping at New Delhi, Ludhiana and Jaipur.

Their rich clients who usually ferried them abroad provided the appurtenances of the good life which they greedily lapped up.

They are hardly in any spot for too long, making quick detours and following the whims of their busy lovers.

In Lagos, they frequented Quilox night club, Polo club, Eko Hotel and some of the nicest places in the meta city  of 21 million settlers and indigenes.

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