The high rise of 101 clothing

Henry Ludwig Amponsah the face behind 101 Clothing is gradually pitching his tent among

A- listers in the fashion world. Already making massive waves in European retail market, Henry just lunch a new collection tagged “Naishawn collection” it consists of vibrant colours that brings the old times mix in the new with a twist of the African look. The Naishawn collections also showcase elegant fabrics, breathtaking designs and styles which was first launched at Miss Tourism UK pageant this year.

101 Clothing’s specialty lies in his use of quilting, embroidery and kente piece to spice up his designs. The label is also known for creative fashion surprises made into western style and native touch.

Henry is the official designer for the The Nana Churcher Show, Mister Arica International, Miss Tourism UK Queens,

A-list music producer and Grammy award winner, Jazzwad amongst others.

101 clothing pieces are sold in many retail stores in the UK, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana and boutiques.

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