‘The issue of rape should concern everyone’-Florence Esu (Queen of Aso Nigeria)

How do you feel about the just concluded novelty match to fight rape?

I feel super excited and happy because the issue of rape is something that does not concern only one country or person but everyone.

Would you say the government is not doing enough to fight rape?

They are doing their best. But I feel we still need to fight this ungodly act as an organization and as individuals because the government cannot be everywhere at the same time and this is why we have to work alongside the government to fight rape.

How do you think we can fight rape?

We can see so many young girls in Nigeria now dress almost naked and that alone attracts the opposite sex. The major thing here is to advice ladies how to dress before they think of stepping out of their homes. There should be seminars on how to dress decently not only to church but to school and other public functions or fun spots to avoid such scenarios.

You have started a sensitization programme, to kick against rape in Nigeria, what other programmes do you have?

On March 26, 2015, I would be officially launching my pet project, Women and Youth Empowerment which is a continuation of what the previous queen left unfinished. I decided to take on this project because it is not nice to start a project and not finding time to complete it. The project is to empower youths and women in Nigeria for them to be able to stand by themselves and not depend on another person to survive which I believe will also reduce crime rate in Nigeria. Also, after they have completed their vocational course of choice, they would also be given some money so they can set up a business for themselves instead of waiting for the government.

Do you think this project would be a success and why?

I strongly believe it would be a success because this is something that is affecting the general public.

What message do you have for rape victims?

All I can say is, 99 days for the thief and one day for the owner. We are coming for them, so they should be on the lookout. Also, if you are a victim, you should report to the police immediately. If not, you are putting others at risk.

How are you enjoying your reign as the Queen Of Aso Nigeria?

It has been God and fun all the way because as a queen, I stand as I an ambassador for culture and tourism, peace. Also as a representative for the poor and less privileged. So basically, I would say all I have been doing is charity which brings me so much joy. Even before I was crowned Queen of Aso, I have always loved to put smiles on people’s faces. I am happy to have also conducted some charity programmes, that is what I love and will continue to do.

What are some of the challenges you are facing?

In this part of the country, people fall in love with your ideas but when it comes to the financial aspect, they tend to turn their back against you because they feel it is not genuine. This is very sad.

Being a beauty queen, what do you think are the things expected of you?

You have to be an example to the youths, women and everyone within your immediate environment. You have to be able to show them so much love and non-sentimental to ‎things that concern them. I would say the duties are countless.


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