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‘The job of master of ceremonies is elastic,’ Xtreme Comedian

OLUWATOSIN Olajide Kupoluyi, popularly known as Xtreme Comedian seems to be the most sought after Master of Ceremonies (MC) at weddings, as he is seen at nuptials almost every Saturday.  The Master of Ceremonies, who is also a comedian, in a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly told us how the journey started and what stands him out as an MC.


Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Xtreme.  I am a comedian, a master of ceremonies and codedly, I am also a fashion designer.

How did the journey into master of ceremonies began?

By the grace of God, this is my ninth year.  I started off from church. I didn’t see it as a career at first.  My pastor approached me that we needed a master of ceremonies for our dinner.  We usually bring Holy Mallam and we didn’t have money to bring him that year.  So, my pastor encouraged me, based on the fact that I used to do jokes.

The day came and it went well.  There was another programme and I was also asked to be the master of ceremonies.  The likes of Tee-A, Jedi, Holy Mallam, Dekunle Fuji, were all there.  That was my major performance.

How many weddings have you been the master of ceremony?

Last year was 45 weddings, previous year was 40.  This year, it is over 45 already.  I never thought I would be a comedian.  It has taken me abroad.  I’ve been to London and Dubai and hopefully America and Europe soon.

Who are your role models in the industry?

First, I would say Bovi. I like his stage act and lifestyle.  He is a very simple person. His jokes are really easy to understand and intelligent. Basketmouth, Gandoki and of course, Owen Gee and Jedi were of great influence to me at some point.

What are the challenges?

For the challenges, each time you are on stage, you have to bring something new to the table.  Unlike musicians who can perform the same song over and over again to the same audience, comedians can’t tell the same joke to the same audience.  If at all you might say it again you would need to fine tune it and even at that, it won’t still have the response it got at first.

Another challenge is that I have heard so many of my colleagues who talk about other comedians who accept far less than what they charge just to get a particular job.  Most comedians would just take a cheap amount. It’s good for them, maybe because they are coming up but it demeans the job and the person who refused the lower price.  There are two kinds of clients, the first set of people that believe that master of ceremonies should be paid so much and the other ones who think otherwise.  They believe all a master of ceremonies does is to talk.

What is your unique selling point as a master of ceremonies and a comedian?

My style. I have a very simple, yet funny approach to what I do.  Like they say, there is a very thin like between being funny and being rude. Some comedians don’t know where to draw the line.  One of my unique selling points is that I try not to demean or talk down any class of people who could be on the edge of getting offended. I don’t tell jokes about physically challenged and less privileged people because they didn’t choose that life.

I always try not to cross the line between being funny and being offensive.

Can you tell us about your love life?

I am getting married in December but I don’t know the year (laughs).  Seriously, I think the reason I am single is because I put my career first and pause on love life.  But I think now I am ready for a relationship.  I pray the opportunity meets the preparation.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I want to be outside and at least in one minute three people would walk up to me and want to take pictures and identify with me. In other words, I want my name and my face to be a household item.  I also want to have a sizeable number of clients all over the world. I want to make a mark. I want to be recognized.  You can’t be everything but you can stand up for something.  I hope my sitcom and skits would go far.

How much do you charge?

You want prospective clients to think I am expensive (laughs).


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