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The many problems of Arik

One of Nigeria’s most patronised airlines, Arik Air is being castigated by legions for poor services. 

And the internet is awash with complaints of the airline’s shoddy treatment of passengers, especially in the last few months.
The airline’s catalogue of woes is captured in these comments by our compatriots…



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One comment on “The many problems of Arik

  1. Well, Arik Air is a total disappointment! I flew one of their flights
    from Lagos to Johannesburg and back when they started. But today, they have become only a shadow of themselves. Passengers have terrible experiences to narrate evrywhere. All you need to do is search online.

    My flight to Owerri from Abuja was cancelled by Arik due to “operational reasons” in a rather unpalatable manner. My ticket number and booking reference are 725 21089 75326 and IDQSWN respectively.

    I made a refund request at the Arik Air counter at the airport on December 6, 2016 and was told that I will get a refund in 21 days. Up to this moment I have not heard from Arik Air. I have sent several emails to Arik Air concerning the refund and there is no response from them whatsoever. How can airline that really wants to succeed in the industry be so callous and unprofessional?

    I really need the refund of my payment of N48,799 for the round trip ticket. I used my ATM card to make the payment and the
    cash left my account immediately. It is, therefore, incomprehensible to me why the refund should take so long. What is more annoying is the lack of response from the Ari Air on the matter.

    Arik allows customers to book flights online that it has no plan of operating. Then it cancels the flights at the last minute and then takes months to process customers refunds. This is worse than anything I have seen in the airline industry. I think regulatory authorities need to look into this and take punitive measures against Arik. They are “robbing” unsuspecting passengers in this manner to cover up the serious financial problems. How can they continue doing this?

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