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Check the most consumed beverages

The lingering recession in the country has slowed down practically all businesses in Nigeria. However, it has not paralysed the consumption of beverages, and this prompted the interview with drinks sellers on the most consumed beverages.

Below are their responses…


Mrs. Ogunleye (soft drinks seller)

The most popular beverages, the ones people consume most are Coke,Nutrimilk,Pepsi, Mirinda and Seven Up.


Mrs. Owolabi (soft drinks seller)

The beverages that sell fast is Coke and Teem. These are what people consume most from my shop. Both move better than every other drink.


Mrs. Mojisola Yusuf

I make sales on all the beverages but the one l sell most is Coke.


Amaka (Ace supermarket)

The drink people consume most is Coke or Fanta. I sell Mirinda only when my Fanta has finished and the Mirinda is chilled.


 Adelakun Folarin

My best choice of drink is Coke. If I don’t see Coke, I will take water.


Majekodunmi Olaolu

Before now, l loved Pepsi so much but ever since the price changed, I seldom take it . I drink more of Eva.


Kolawole Odulate

My special drink is Teem. I like it especially if it is cold.


Omolabi Abeebat

Before,l loved drinking Fanta but now have changed  to Mirinda.


Qudus Rashidat

The drink l prefer to drink is Pepsi,  if l don’t go for Pepsi then l will go for Mirinda.


Olaleye Mary

I take any drink l want, but most time is pineapple Mirinda or pineapple Fanta.


Omolabi Esther

My choice of beverage is Teem. I like drinking Teem because it reduces fat. But if I don’t see Teem, l will go for soda water.


Akinkunmi Sherifat

I don’t have choice of beverages, I go for any drinks but l don’t like Fanta, Sprite and Teem.


Emeka Fread

My choice of drink is Mirinda or Pepsi. I like any drink product from Pepsi manufacturers.

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