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The full meaning of DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid. It contains the biological information that makes each species unique and it is passed from adult organisms to their offsprings during reproductions.

Although it has been existing from time immemorial, it came into Nigerians’ full consciousness in 2007 when it was revealed that 25 children of late MKO Abiola failed the DNA test conducted in a London hospital in fulfillment of the man’s Will.

37 children passed the DNA test while 21 were yet to do the test at the time the report was made public. Since then DNA became a panachea to resolve paternity issues in the country.

Apart from late MKO Abiola, many men have discovered through DNA test that they are not the fathers of some or all their grown up children. Here are some of such cases.

Dr. Oyinwola Azeez Oni, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of NAZO Medical Diagnostic Services, did not discover until four years later that he was not the father of the twins that he has been taken care for four years.

He had lost his first wife to the cold hands of death. A year or two later he started an affair with a London based lady which resulted into pregnancy and the birth of the twins.

Four years later he decided to bring down the lady and the twins to live with him here in Nigeria. Plans were in top gear to prepare for the homecoming of his wife to be and their two children.

But as a medical expert himself, he decided to tread on the side caution. He took the twins for DNA test to be sure he was actually their biological father. To his dismay, he was not. That cancelled the marriage and the elaborate homecoming of mother and her twins.

oyinnola-azeez-oniDr Oyinnola Azeez Oni, told us another story of a paternity mess. A very rich businessman tested his first wife who bore him four children. He decided to marry his secretary in the office. The man who is from South-East geo-political zone of the country travels a lot.

He has two confidants – his new wife and his driver. He loves the driver to the extent that he built a house for him in his village.

Years later, the driver was caught stealing the man’s money. He was handed over to the police. The situation became messy to the extent that the rich man threatened to kill the driver. The driver told him that before he kills him, he should give him his children by the rich man’s second wife.

The rich man called for a DNA test, and to his chagrin the three from his second wife that he thought were his actually are children of his driver.

There was a case of a landlord and his tenant. Both the landlord and the tenant are the only occupants of the one-storey building. While the landlord lives in the first floor, the tenant lives with his family on the ground floor. They lived together for 10 years before the landlord told the tenant to pack out from his house.

The tenant agreed to leave but with a caveat that he would leave with his children by the landlord’s wife. The landlord could not believe his ears. He demanded for a DNA test. Alas! All his four children were fathered by his tenant.

There was also a case of a young couple who have just newly married and were blessed with a baby. The former boyfriend of the wife, however, kept on pestering her with text messages that she should give him his baby. Knowing that she has been very faithful to her husband since they got married, she told him (husband) about the former boyfriend’s text messages. The couple sought the opinion of their pastor and the pastor advised them to do DNA test.

Bingo! It was the boyfriend that the test showed to be the father of the new baby. It was after the DNA test that the lady remembered that there was a day she slept with the boyfriend in Surulere in the morning and later that day came to Ahmadiyya to sleep with the man that she eventually married.

How about the case of a woman who came all the way from United States of America to buy babies here in Nigeria. She now wanted to take her twins back to America and was looking for ways that the DNA will show she is actually the biological mother of the twins.

She sought the help of a white garment church pastor who promised to help her. She paid the ”spiritual man’ N250,000 and was on the mountain top for seven days fasting and praying.

The pastor told her to take they twins for DNA test and assured her that the DNA test will be positive. She did as she was told but the DNA test was negative. The result was not only negative, it showed that the twins apart from not being born by the same parents, are not of the same age. One is one week older than the other.

There was also the case of a very rich man who was married to 10 wives who had 22 children. He died at the ripe age of 91 years and he left a Will too that all his children must be subjected to DNA test before anyone could inherit his property. Any of his children that passed the DNA test was entitled to N25 million in cash or worth of property.

The DNA test was also conducted in London where the man left a sample of his DNA. Of all the 22 children only one child failed. The child that failed was the only child that the mother had for the rich man.

The mother raised dust. She alleged conspiracy against her son and demanded that the DNA test should be done again. It was done again here in Nigeria through siblings’ sampling. On the day it was to be done, the mother of the only son who failed the initial DNA test called the laboratory where the test was to be done and told them that everything must be humanly done to make sure the boy passed the DNA test. She promised to give the owner of the laboratory between N2 million to N5 million if the boy passed the DNA test.

The owner of the laboratory who is a core professional that cares about his integrity did the test and submitted the result to the family lawyer. Alas! The boy failed the test again.

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