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The Orekoyas open up on their children’s kidnap ordeal (3): ‘We are also on the hot pursuit of this other gang members’ -Kayode Aderanti (Lagos State Commissioner of Police)

How was the nanny arrested?

It is a beautiful story. On the release of the three children, I gave an instruction that the brain behind this act must be apprehended. Based on that, we tracked her down through her mobile phone and luckily we were able to get her at that same location, Shasha around Egbeda axis and she was arrested immediately. Initially, she was proving tough by denying of ever being involved in such a criminal conduct but eventually, she opened up because the girl that was arrested with her happened to be a victim that she had lured from Benin almost five months ago by offering her a job as a nanny and into the gang had not seen her parents for five months. And we are going to make contacts with her parents. It was this other lady that actually opened up, not only on this case but also in the first kidnap case at Magodo last year. Based on this confession, she collapsed and started opening up about her husband, the in-law and the wife. We are also on the hot pursuit of this other gang members. Why I am so pleased with this victory is the fact that, it would bring a kind of closure into kidnapping little children. Parents also get desperate when searching for who will take care of their children when they are at work and hire anybody they lay their hands on. The most surprising thing is that, within 24 hours, this criminal was accepted into their home. Somebody you have never met or do not know where she came from and using a name totally different from her real name. This is someone who is a graduate not an illiterate and appears to be very smart. So, I believe this would bring a closure and we would come out with a public outrage advising parents, families that they should conduct diligent search whenever they want to employ anybody, either the gateman, house help or what so ever. They should not be in a hurry. This is a lesson we have all learnt and we are happy the brain behind this crime has been smashed and we will move forward from here.

Are you talking to OLX and other online marketing companies?

Yes, OLX would definitely hear from us very soon because their portal has been used to bring innocent children to danger. They should concentrate on their marketing and not use it as a platform to search for maids because so many people might be gullible and they will fall for it.

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