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The Orekoyas open up on their children’s kidnap ordeal (7): …women react


I am a banker and I go to work every day except on Sundays. I need the services of a nanny because I can’t be at home and at work at the same time. And my children’s school is far from my place of work. The only thing I do every morning is I take them to school in my car but in the evening, it’s our maid that picks them.

My children complained to me about the first nanny, I changed her. The second was also reported to me by our neighbour about her brutality. I quickly sent her away after six months. Now, we have three children and there is no relative living with us. I always find it difficult to cope without a nanny. They even brought one for me via a church member, that one was even wicked my children. And she was very lazy and dirty. She was asked to go.

I was planning to get one via online when I heard about Mrs. Orekoya’s children and was shocked. Now, I have shelved the plan. My husband has warned me against that. It’s luck to get a good nanny.


I have been dealing with nannies for over 10 years. I have had both positive and negative experiences. The first nanny was employed in 2015, when I had my first child but lived with us only for 10 months before we sacked her. She was a thief and she was fond of maltreating our little daughter.

Later, we got another one via an intermediary in Sango-Otta, Ogun state. That one was a little better but later she was fired because we got to know she was possessed.

The third one was employed in 2011. She could have been the best but she was fond of unnecessary complaints and in the process transferring her aggression on our children. At times, before I returned from work, she would have drugged my children. I would just meet all of them sleeping after returning from school. At times, she would beat them like a goat and before you know it, the children would fall ill. After like a year and half, we sacked her. I never got a nanny via online.

I can’t even do it. It’s very important to know the family of a person you want to be leaving your children in her custody while you’re away at work. I am a civil servant and I go to work every day except on weekends. It’s not advisable not to know the background of a nanny you want to be leaving your children in care of. It’s bad. That’s exactly what happened to Mrs. Orekoya. But still at that, I blame it on lack of dignity on the part of the nanny. She’s not a nanny but a kidnapper.


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