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The President Nigerians want in 2015 (9)

Sick and tired of mal-administration, Nigerians have been listing the qualities they want in the man to be elected president on Saturday, March 28, 2015.


‘I want people who will govern with compassion’
I’m sure you must have noticed it is only during elections that we enjoy some dividends of democracy. Our politicians are seeking re-election so they do so. I don’t want such leaders again. I want people who will govern with compassion for the plight of the masses. That way, we’ll make tangible progress.

‘The next president should be somebody who will impact lives…’
Our president and his advisers are complaining that his achievements are under-reported. Let me ask, if you touch the lives of people and truly transform them, you don’t need the media to publicize your work. We are not feeling the impact of this government.
The next president should be somebody who will impact lives and take us from where we are to a better place.

‘We do not have true leaders in this country’
I think what we lack are leaders. We do not have true leaders in this country, what we have are politicians who are not really concerned about the people they are accountable to. Take our Houses of Assembly members for instance. Despite their utter non-performance, they seek re-election and people in their constituencies who did not benefit anything other than some change, support them.

‘The kind of president Nigeria wants is Buhari’
The kind of president Nigeria wants is Buhari because Nigeria is the most corrupt country. We need Buhari to fight corruption for the country. Nigerians need a president that will change this country, he has reputation for discipline.

‘All I want is a positive change’
The problem of Nigeria is more than something one man can solve. But I sincerely believe if we have a president who truly cares and wants positive change, it will happen.

‘I want Goodluck Jonathan for Nigeria’
I want Goodluck Jonathan for Nigeria. If we allow someone like Buhari to rule this country, our lives will be in the hands of Tinubu. Buhari is not the right person for us. Some people say Jonathan has not done anything but I think he is good for us. Let’s vote Goodluck Jonathan.

‘I want a president who is reliable’
I want a president who is reliable and ready to step on the toes of corrupt people, a very transparent president.

‘I want a person who has exemplary character’
I want a person who has exemplary character, who is confident of taking crucial decisions in order to forge us ahead. He needs to be functional and must be committed to excellence.

‘I want a man of God as president’
If possible the seat should be vacant, I don’t wish to vote. The person who is fit for that position is a man of God, and all we want is peace and mercy of God in Nigeria.

‘Let Jonathan continue’
We want Jonathan to continue because since OBJ left government, the country has been in disarray. Now that GEJ is ruling, we want him to do more for the citizens.

‘Nigerians want a God fearing person’
Nigeria is a blessed country, the people we want must be God fearing. The citizens need a government that will stand by them, we are blessed with everything.

‘We want a resource manager’
Nigeria has enormous human and natural resources. But we’ve not been blessed with good managers of the resources. That’s the leader we have to vote for.

‘A president that keeps to his word’
Nigerians are used to leaders who don’t keep to their words. We don’t want that anymore. So, we have to vote for a man who will honour his word.

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