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The untold story of Annie Macaulay/2Face engagement + Blow-by-blow account of the proposal The fate of 2Face’s other women

A couple of weeks back, ENCOMIUM Weekly ran a story on multiple award winning R n’ B singer, Innocent Idibia, better known as 2Face entitled, 2Face replies critics as he expects sixth child from mistress.

In the story, which was based on fans online reaction, 2Face was urged to either pick one or marry all his baby mamas.  Now, the 36 year-old African Queen crooner has finally taken a bold step by proposing to one of his three known girlfriends, Annie Uwana Macaulay!

However, all eyes were on Pero Adeniyi because she’s currently carrying 2Face’s sixth child but now, the reverse is the case.

Annie actually deserved it, said most of the entertainer’s fans (2Face and Annie) online.  One fan, who goes by the name XS Promo posted, “Congrats Annie Macaulay! –Finally, the African Queen emerged from the shadows.”

Another fan, with the name, Frenchie, justified the reason why Annie deserved to be proposed to by 2Face. He said, “After being with 2Face through thick and thin for 13 years…supporting him when he was nobody…she don sow now she go reap.  Na true love and I hope all the drama will now rest.  Let them enjoy their engagement now…Congrats!”



It appeared to be a movie script for the fast-rising Nollywood actress, Annie on Tuesday, February 14, 2012.  Coincidentally, it was Valentine, a day set aside for the celebration of love at the popular upscale J.J. Okocha’s Club 10, Lagos, when 2Face and Annie stepped inside around 11 p.m.  An insider told ENCOMIUM Weekly that Annie didn’t know 2Face had a plan until that night, adding that the whole arrangement was between 2Face, Mary Ann Bassey, Annie’s cousin and former ex-beauty queen, and one Ayeri, 2Face’s best friend.

According to the plan, the source said, “2Face was supposed to take Annie out on Valentine Day while Mary Ann Bassey and Ayeri was to make proper arrangement at the Club 10 and Prime Chinese Restaurant, where the engagement party was held.  They were also to invite 2Face and Annie’s friends and family members, which they did perfectly, all without Annie’s knowledge.

Some of the notable people at the club were P-Square, Kaffy and her fiancée, Joseph, Tiwa Savage, W4, Ruggedman, 2Face, Annie’s families and friends.”

ENCOMIUM Weekly learnt that Annie was surprised seeing some of the notable faces, especially her cousin, Mary Ann because she did not expect seeing her out so late that night.

“Annie was busy discussing with her friends because she didn’t understand why she’s seeing almost all her people, including her own brothers,” sources revealed.

Speaking further, our source narrated what happened. She said, “At about 1 a.m, the music was stopped and Innocent Idibia has a mic with him and started making his speech, saying he met a young lady 12 years ago and they’ve been through a lot and he apologized for all the wrong he had done in the past.

“By then, he was already walking towards her…and said he really loves her, noting that he had just one question to ask her.  Then, he went down on his knees and asked her calling her full names, Annie Uwana Macaulay, will you marry me (him)?,” she narrated.

Our source, who was also at the club said 2Face was so nervous that he thought Annie would say ‘No’.  “Annie, however, didn’t believe what was happening, she cried all through before she finally said YES, YES, YES,” she added.

ENCOMIUM Weekly reliably gathered that 2Face was so happy that he made a statement saying, he should have done this a long time ago.

According to our source, “2Face was very happy, as he pulled Annie to his chest.  He then gave her an engagement ring, took pictures and everybody started showering encomiums on them.”

The party ended at about 5.30 a.m before moving to Prime Chinese Restaurant where they had the engagement party till about 9.00 a.m on Wednesday, February 15, 2012.



Hours after 2Face proposed to Annie, on Wednesday, February 15, 2012, he jetted out of the country to the U.S.  Sources, however, disclosed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that 2Face’s decision didn’t go down with Pero, the expectant mother, who has also given 2Face two kids.  This, we gathered, informed the decision of the Benue State born entertainer to jet out to the United States of America on Wednesday, February 15, 2012, to pacify Pero, whom we learnt is very furious at the moment, claiming 2Face had betrayed her.

Another source said the reason for the sudden exit of the successful act from the shores of this country was not connected with the fact that he was avoiding the press.  We learnt he even confided in his fiancé, Annie that he didn’t want to make any public comment on the issue at the moment, hence the decision to make an unplanned tip to the U.S.

We, however, learnt authoritatively that 2Face went for a recording deal in the States and has been communicating steadily with his friends.

Also confirming this, 2Face’s publicist, Bayo Omisore told ENCOMIUM Weekly that 2Face’s sudden departure to the U.S has nothing to do with the story making the rounds.

According to him, “Whatever happened between 2Face and Annie was done in love, so why should be run away?  The America trip had been arranged long before this whole incident and drama unfolded.  He is gone to America to finish the recording of his new album.”



Contrary to the speculation that the diamond ring which 2Face gave his newly proposed fiancé, is worth N1 million, a source told ENCOMIUM Weekly that this diamond ring bought at a very expensive wedding shop in Lagos may have cost 2Face more than a million naira.



On Saturday, February 18, 2012, at Four Points by Sheraton, Victoria Island, Lagos during the surprise birthday party of business mogul and boss of Emmy Cargoes Limited (Emeka Okonkwo), Annie Uwana Macaulay sauntered in flushed with infectious joy and ecstasy.

Stepping in around 6.20 p.m wearing a beautiful pink chiffon top and fuchsia tight jeans with a purple belt (with her friend, cousin and ex-beauty queen, Mary Ann Bassey), the happiest girl in town, who is set to become 2Face Idibia’s wife couldn’t contain her joy as all eyes were on her.

In fact, not a few guests (celebrities and her fans) walked to her table that also accommodated Mary Ann Bassey, star comedian, Ayo Makun (AY), Julius Agwu and their wives, Mabel and Ibiere. There were also star actors, Kingsley Ogbonna (Dauda) and Chigozie Atuanya, amongst others, occupying the same space.

Soon after the celebrant made it with his wife and retinue of aides and special guests introduced, Annie walked out around 7 p.m, after she had been recognized as 2Face’s fiancé, to receive his call.  “Baby, I’m at KC Presh brother’s surprise birthday party at Four Points by Sheraton, I really love you.  I’m ok.”  We overheard her as she was returning to her table after chatting with 2Face from the United States of America.

And when Annie settled down, her choice of drink was water and Moet & Chandon champagne.  For dessert, she opted for fresh fruits while she returned from the buffet with a plate of rice garnished with salad.

At the middle of the party (that was around 9 p.m), she stepped out again with Mary Ann Bassey probably to see what was happening outside the venue.  And when they returned, she posed for photographs with the celebrant’s family members and guests at the high octane birthday dinner Kcee ‘plotted’ with his brother’s friends and business associates.

Annie would disappear again this time to the rest room and returned in time to join the toast for the birthday boy.  She later danced with Julius Agwu for just two minutes but not without informing her fiance, who also spoke with the top comedian and the anchor of the classy party.

Still acknowledging greetings and felicitations from many congratulating her, she left the party with her cousin and the celebrant some minutes after 10.

Expectedly, Annie Macaulay declined having exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, claiming it was their decision to keep their affair private this time.

2Face and Annie are set to tie the knots after dating for 12 years in a chequered celebrated romance that has produced a baby girl.



The mastermind of 2Face/Annie Macaulay surprise engagement was her friend and second cousin, Mary Ann Bassey, one-time Miss Akwa Ibom and a popular hip hop artiste’s ex.

The Akwa Ibom born beauty and entrepreneur lives in Ajah, Lagos. Tall, straight-legged and amiable Mary Ann, who is upwardly mobile is in a serious relationship with a Spanish businessman.  She is so close to Annie that both always attend social functions together.

Equally in good relationship with 2Face, it was naturally easy for him to take her into confidence in plotting the surprise proposal deal at Jay Jay Okocha’s Club 10 that Valentine Day.

And coming from the same state with Annie, it was not difficult for her to contact her family members to witness the surprise engagement party. She has been there for her friend and sister since that never-to-be-forgotten day.  She got more involved in her life and that of her fiancé.



“What is the fate of 2Face’s other women?”  This is the question that needs urgent answer, and many people believe that the answer could only be provided by 2Face himself.

A source, however, said 2Face might end up engaging the other women in another dramatic way as he also has love and affection for them, especially Pero, who is expected to put to bed in March 2012, as reported in a statement released by his publicist.

2Face’s romance with Pero Adeniji, the daughter of POATSON boss, Jide Adeniji started in 2005, shortly after he parted ways with Annie, the first known woman in his life.

The romance shifted from Pero to Sumbo Ajaba after irreconcilable differences between them. Not quite long, after a sizzling romance with Sumbo, 2Face left her in a dramatic way and became a single father to his five children from the three women.

ENCOMIUM Weekly investigations, however, revealed that Sumbo, a former banker now a fast-rising event planner, has moved on with her life without 2Face.

We learnt that 2Face has been able to manage the mothers of his children by providing adequate resources for his five children.



First mistress: Annie Macaulay –Isabella

Second mistress: Pero Adeniji –Rose, Justin

Third mistress: Sumbo Ajaba –Nino and Zion.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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