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‘There is no voodoo in magic’ – Nike Peller

Nike Peller is the brilliant daughter of late legendary magician, Moshood Abiola Peller, famously known as Professor Peller. The star actress cum magician has vowed to sustain the legacy of her late dad, and she is really not disappointing.

She always acts alongside her brother, Said Peller aka Zeeto. They were both at the Nigerian Breweries Plc show in Port Harcourt recently, where they thrilled. And appearing and disappearing of Nike has remained on the lips of the attendees till date.

ENCOMIUM Weekly took the talented thespian on this and much more on Friday, August 9, 2013.


How has your career been?

It has been fine. It’s still intact. I am very much active and relevant as an actress.

But some people are saying you’re no longer in the industry, what’s your reaction to this?

That’s not true. I am still in the industry, performing. I shot my movie, Oluwatomisin last year, and it’s a very fantastic flick. I am also shooting the remaining part of it abroad. It may be in the UK, US, Germany or South Africa. Everybody knows I travel a lot. I just came back from France. So, I can decide to shoot it in any part of the world. The most important thing is to get the desired result.

So, you haven’t dumped acting for magic as speculated?

I have not. Anytime I am invited to location, I honour the invitation.

How would you describe the experience at Nigeria Breweries’ show in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where yourself and your brother, Zeeto thrilled with magical display?

It was very fantastic. A lot of people came. Other artistes from different parts of the world, including UK, US, Germany and few others were also invited. People really enjoyed the show, we’re also impressed by their commendation.

Let’s know how much was involved?

No, I can’t disclose that to you. But the truth is that they tried.

We learnt you disappeared and reappeared, how did it happen between you and your brother?

It’s just a magical art, nothing else.

But the impression was that juju was involved…

(Cuts in) There is nothing like juju or voodoo in magic. There was nothing diabolical in our performance that day, it was basically entertainment stuff. It’s abracadabra, the more you look, the less you see. That’s exactly what we call magic.

So, are you saying there is no secret at all?

Nothing like that. It also happens abroad. Those who travel a lot can confirm that. There is nothing hidden but just as I said, the more people look, the less they see. Why people don’t understand magic in this part of the world is that Professor Peller was the only famous magician.  My dad also travelled around the world.

He had friends abroad, who are also magicians. He always had shows with them almost every month. One of them is called David Copperfield, who is a US magician.

There is still another friend of his in the UK, called Chris Angel. So, he travelled very well to learn more about magic. Abroad, they have schools of magic, but here in Nigeria, there is nothing like that. We are only trying to have one soon.

But we think it’s genetic, and can’t be acquired?

No! It can be acquired as knowledge if you wish to.

What was the audience reaction in Port Harcourt when you disappeared and reappeared?

They were all exclaiming, wondering how it all happened. They didn’t believe such a thing was possible. Some were even saying they couldn’t believe that something like that is still existing in Nigeria. They were so excited and amazed. They even encouraged us to dish out more of it.

So were they not scared?

Yes, some were but they later realized it was magic and nothing else. We have a variety of magical displays, the one they witnessed in Port Harcourt was just a tip of the iceberg.

What of the little children, can’t they watch that kind of display?

We have varieties. We have some that are mainly for children while some are for adults. The one for children won’t be scaring. It must be very amazing, educative and also entertaining.

Is this not affecting your acting?

It’s not. I have time for everything. Magic is not all the time. It may be for a day or two. Although, we always rehearse whatever we want to do whenever we’re invited for a show. Then, you can be on movie location for like a week or two, depending on the role you’re playing.

Between acting and magic, which is more lucrative?

I won’t lie, it’s magic. It is kilometres far better than acting.

Which one do you have stronger passion for?

Magic, of course. Anybody can come into acting but magic is for the brave.

How does your husband feel about your being a magician?

He is a learned person. He also travels far and wide. He understands what magic is all about. He even encourages me a lot. But for the men out there, I have no business with them whether or not they are scared of me.


This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, August 13, 2013



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