‘There is nothing like Mr. Right’ -Susan Peters


Actress Susan Peters celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks back. The pretty actress was alleged to have turned 35 years. ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her about her birthday and sundry issues…

Congratulations on your birthday. How does it feel to be a year older?

Susan-Peters-399-x-600Birthday is about celebrating life, myself and others that have loved and contributed one way or the other in the past year. I thank God for life, family and loved ones.

We learnt you are 35, do you feel your age?

Yes, I have a young nature but my age is not far from it.

What are you most grateful for as you turned a year older?

I’m grateful for all the blessings God sent my way.

Any regret as you turned 35?

No regrets. I will continue to do as I always have.

No doubt God has been good to you, what more do you want from Him?

God should continue to open doors for new destiny helpers so I can reach out to others. I want to stay focused in my career even though you get distracted with happenings. God should continually put me on the right path always.

What has been happening to your acting career, it seems you have relaxed a bit in accepting script?

My acting career has never relaxed. If I go on holiday does that make it relaxed? All work no play makes the Duchess a dull girl.  And we both know we don’t want that. More so, we as artists also have dry seasons. However, in those moments, you take the opportunity hone your craft so that when opportunities to showcase your talent comes ,you are on point.

When last did you feature in a movie?

I just finished a movie, and I’m starting another one shortly.

So, what has been keeping you busy?

susanSome private things have been keeping me busy, not all my affairs are on social media.

How is your foundation doing and what is the lineup of activities for the remaining part of the year?

My foundation is doing quite well. Benue Pikin is finally looking towards home. I started from outside the state, so now, we are headed to Benue to help the kids at home.

Will you say it is difficult to find Mr. Right?

There is nothing like Mr. Right, you will wait forever if you are looking for that. No one is perfect, just deal and learn to adjust to ones flaws. Human beings just like to deceive themselves. I am waiting for a rich guy or I’m waiting for a born again Christian. There is no such thing, only few people have the true meaning of fear of God. As each day passes, we offend God with our thoughts and words, and God still forgives. Those who claim Mr. Right are the ones who end up betraying. For the records, everyone’s  father trained them to the level they are, so both parties should be able to train each other if they are willing to learn. I too have my flaws but a man who truly loves me and not my person will be able to deal with it.

When are you getting married?

Getting married is not a title, but when the right time comes, I will be celebrated and so will every other person be too.


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