‘There’s nothing positive about the economy’ – Nigerians rate 2 years of Buhari


Two years ago when Nigerians voted enmass to elect the President, they were optimistic things would turn around for good.

That dream is becoming  a mirage as Nigerians are disappointed with the state of the economy. Encomium.g sampled opinions of Nigerians on how the President Muhammadu Buhari has treated them…


Bolaji Adeniji

I believe every leader is ordained by God. That not with standing, I have enjoyed nothing in the two years of his reign. Things have turned for the worse in the last two years. Despite all corrupt allegations against the previous regime, things were not this bad. Petrol was not sold at N145, food stuffs were not as expensive as they are now, breadwinners were not losing their jobs any how.

To be candid, I have not seen any appreciable progress or improvement in any sector  of the economy. I must confess I am not enjoying his regime at all. I wish him quick recovery and I wish his tenure would come to an end soon. We need a relief soon.


Toye Solomon

Two years of Buhari has been interesting. Interesting in the sense that the fight against corruption has been on and money is being recovered. We only read about it on the pages of newspapers, we need to feel the impact of the recovered loot. We don’t need stories, we need actions. If it was Ambode that recovered those loot, we would have enjoyed more dividends  of democracy. We are enjoying nothing. If they say two years is not enough to measure this administration’s performance, then twenty years would not be enough either. For me, let us start enjoying uninterrupted power supply, good motorable roads, good business environment.


Rasheed Mustapha

To be candid, this administration has not made much impact at all. The impact is not being felt by the masses. In the estate where I live, at least we enjoyed steady power supply during the last administration. But now,  the story has not been the same. I cannot afford to feed my family as I would have loved to do, we have to adjust from three square meals to two or one and a half. This Ramadan, I have made it mandatory for all members of my family  to fast. Ordinarily, I would have exempted the younger children.


Tola Samuel

The two years has been a tale of negative tidings. Recession started during his tenure, I can’t point to any thing he has achieved during his tenure. Things are even getting tougher by the day. No money in circulation, no favorable environment for business to flourish, food stuffs are so expensive. Take N10,000 to the market, you would be shocked with what that would buy. Some years back, that money can buy half a bag of rice, now it can’t again. I must confess that I have not enjoyed his regime a little bit.


Kehinde Omoniyi

The two years has been hell. I am a civil servant in Osun state, life has been hell. No salary, the only saving grace for us is farming. I plant corn, Guinea corn, cassava, yam, vegetables – just name it, I have them in my farm, even if not for commercial purpose. I regret voting them to power, I pray their four years  would come to an end soon.


Kayode Fatoki

The only thing I would applaud the President for his the fight against corruption. But the money recovered have not been channeled to the right source. Aside that, I don’t think there is anything the country has benefited from his tenure. As a breadwinner, I have not benefited directly from him.


Adegbo Emily

I don’t think anybody would have something positive to say about his tenure. Even the people working with him are terrible. My mother is a pensioner, she has not been paid for two years. Things are even more expensive in the village than in Lagos, I don’t think his administration has favoured anyone.

You can imagine a governor empowering his people with wheel barrows, they still called the media to report it. Can you imagine? No wonder suicide has been on the increase across the country.


We are just enduring. They said we should not complain again, we should be praying. The vice president has added that it is not just prayer but hard work, I don’t really know what they want us to do. We are just enduring, things have not been easy at all.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for encomium.ng

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