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Nigerians bemoan acquisition of N3.6 billion exotic cars by Reps members

“They are not elements of change but greedy individuals,” they echo

Many Nigerians are not comfortable with the purchase of state of the art automobiles embarked on by the members of the House of Representatives which allegedly gulped a whopping N3.6 bn despite the hard-biting recession the country is going through presently.
> Some Nigerians spoke to on the development condemned the law makers’ action, describing it as gross insensitivity to the plight of the masses they claim to be representing.


“They’re not considerate” – WAHAB SANUSI

This is the time I now understand why President Buhari is always at logger heads with our law makers. These people are just too wicked and inconsiderate. Many Nigerians are crying, poverty and hunger ravaging the whole country, yet they’re spending N3.6bn on cars as if they don’t have any at all. If that amount is injected into the economy, I believe it will go a little way in cushioning the effects of this recession. I am not happy with them at all. They’re all thieves. They’re not representing the change they promised us.”


‘It shows how greedy they are’ – LAJA AHMED

I am not surprised at all. They’re not there for us but for themselves. What else do they want to do with Peugeot 508 bullet proof cars after all the cars at their disposal? I think they’re just greedy and insensitive to the cry of poor Nigerians. All I know is that they’re not representing us. But the truth is that Nigerians are not fools, they’re watching. By 2019, if things continue like this, they will all be shown the way back to their respective constituencies.”


‘They don’t feel our pains’ – SAMSON TOBECHUKWU

The truth is that they’re not going through what we masses are going through. There is no sign of recession in their lifestyles. Recession or not, they live extravagantly. I am disappointed in all of them, including the speaker. It’s absurd spending on such items now that the economy is really down. The masses can’t eat three square meals any more. Parents can no longer pay school fees of their children. These so called law makers can’t come up with a solution to any of these problems, but they can spend that kind of huge amount on bullet proof cars.  Nigeria is in deep trouble. Only God can save us.”



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