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They ganged up against me because I’m better, cries Blackface

Ahmadu Augustine Obiabo, popularly known as Blackface, has been in the news for a couple of weeks now. He released a single entitled, Killah that is ruling the airwaves. 

Blackface announced his comeback with his new single and of course with more accusation that some artistes stole his songs.

ENCOMIUM Weekly took him up about this and more…


How is your single, Killah doing?

People are feeling the music. It is Blackface after a very long time. People like the step I am taking. My fans have missed my music. I put out some singles before this, I have Show Love, Ikebe Super. I did the video too.

Killer is a dancehall song. The dancehall’s community is on fire. They love the sound. That is why it causing the wind that is blowing now. I appreciate my fans, they love the music.

Why did it take so long to release a song?

I have been working on so many things like recording an album. It is not that easy to record an album. You have to make sure the album sounds right. Even till now, I am not satisfied with the way the album is. That will take me like a month or so to work on the album and finalise everything.

Can you tell us about the album?



They should expect Defender, Can’t Complain, This Love is Forever. It will be a double album. I mean two CDs, volume one and two.

Why did you title the single, Killah? 

It doesn’t mean I am a killer for real. We killed the beat, I am a beat killer. Bring the beat and I will kill it.

It is alleged that you are using all the accusation as a hype for your music?

The reason I am doing this is because they are still copying me. it is best for us to settle it in a way that will stop them from copying me again. You know how it feels when you copy somebody’s intellectual property. It is not something that can go down well with the artiste, it is not going well with me. I just don’t want them to copy my music again. I can’t be competing with myself. It makes me feel that they are beating my child, they are even twisting my song.

They are portraying it in a way I didn’t do it. If I give them permission to remix it, then they can go ahead.

What exactly do you want them to do?

I want them to understand that they shouldn’t copy anybody’s style. They should try and be original. They shouldn’t copy people’s melody and say they formed it. If they don’t give the person credit, it is really bad. Up and coming artistes should not even think of that.

The Nigerian music has to step up. They have to be wise about what they are doing. I am not jealous of anybody. Though they took it from me, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t’ give me my respect. Sometimes, some people tell promoters not to patronize me, they tell the promoters that I am not around.

Who are these people?

They know themselves. It is a gang-up, a conspiracy. They are ganging up because they know if I am on that stage, I would sound better. I sound loved, I sound good for the fans and they hate it because they can’t sound that way. They don’t want to be compared to me because I will knock them out. People who are jumping into matters that doesn’t concern them should get ready to receive punches as well.

Don’t you think they will call your record label if you are signed unto one?

I have my own record label, Loud House Entertainment. I am the boss. I have a partner, Purple Mart Entertainment. We merged and bring new things to the fans. You can’t just take somebody’s work and people wouldn’t know. It is bad.

I believe you can resolve your issues with 2Face. You were once in the same group. More so, you are from the same state?

They are avoiding me because they don’t want to settle it. Nobody is above the law. We are going to court. That is what we have to do. They have to say why they did what they did without giving me my respect. That is disrespectful. All these things coming out on social media, I expect him to come out and respond to them but he stayed back. They are filled with pride. They can’t even clear the air. They are making me look like a bad person which I am not.

Does it mean you don’t have a good relationship with 2Face, even before all the issues came up?

No, it is not as if we don’t have good relationship. Have you ever interviewed 2Face about Blackface, people should talk to him and hear his views too. Right now, relationship with him is not there. I don’t know what he is doing now, why will I be concerned about somebody who does not care about me.

He wants me to look bad. When I said he didn’t invite me to Dubai, he said he did. It’s a lie, he didn’t invite me. He wants me to look bad like I told a lie. He should come out and say he didn’t invite me. He should be man enough to come out.

I am saying all these things because I don’t want it to continue, not because I like it, I just don’t want it to continue.

Do you see former Plantashaun Boiz settling their differences aside and coming up with a collabo?

I don’t know. I am thinking of something new. Plantashaun Boiz is like my beginning and I don’t want to go back. I want to move forward. I want something new, something I can relate with which is on my own frequency. The kind of music I love to create. Plantashaun Boiz were RnB singers. I am not really into RnB as such.

It seems Blackface doesn’t attend social functions?

Fans miss me yes, but they will tell them not to take my services that is what they will tell them. They don’t want them to know that Blackface still has skills. I rock Benue, the people love my music. The fans love me there but they will go to Benue and not invite me. They will then go on stage and look like clowns, without me over there who is the rock. How will they stand? I am not bragging but it is just what it is, that is just it. I don’t have beef with nobody but they should not touch my intellectual property again.

Who are these people you are talking about?

They know themselves. I don’t have to mention names. I also know them. I have been told that a brand wanted to give me an event and some people said they should not give it to me. They don’t want me to shine.

Who then are your friends in the industry?

I don’t have friends. It is only my team mates. Everybody in this industry all just kiss other people’s ass whether the person is right or wrong. I am glad that people these days are changing. I love the reception I got at Rainbow FM. They were dancing with me, they love my music. Some people will tell others not to play my music. Thank God it is a new dispensation, all OAP are great people. If the music is good, they will play it. All the time that Blackface was not around, that is what they have been doing to hold Blackface down.

Why do you think people will gang up against you?

It s a hard life we live in Naija. If I sing that, do you think they will call me? I am an activist, they wouldn’t want the truth but I will speak the truth. In a society that there is no freedom of expression, they wouldn’t want me to be there.

What do you do aside music?

I am a businessman. I buy and sell. I sell cars. I buy and sell generally.

How are your children doing?

They are doing fine, very fine.

Is there hope of reconciliation?

I am not thinking that right now. All I am thinking about is my music. I want to take it one step at a time. I don’t think it is ever going to happen. I am in a different relationship right now. The person understands and supports my mission.

Is the relationship heading to the altar?

I am not worried about that. I am just taking my music serious, that’s all.

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