‘Things are extremely hard for us’-Commercial motorcyclists lament (2)

The impact of the recession on motorcyclists has left them in dismay. They are faced with low patronage from commuters who are believed to now prefer trekking to taking okada (motorcycle).

This unprecedented issue has drastically affected their level of income, purchase of essential products and their sustenance. Earlier this year, they could make from N1,500 to N5,000 per day. Unfortunately, they hardly make N1,000 now.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of motorcyclists as they confirmed how the recession has affected their services, how they cope and their expectations from the government as the year winds up.


‘The government is too selfish and heartless’ –MR. MATTHEW

The hardship is unbearable. My daily income has drastically reduced. To make N200 daily, I have to work from 5am to 11pm. The government should know what they are doing. They are just too selfish and heartless.


‘This economy is the worst’ –MR. BEST

This economy is the worst I have seen. Business has never been bad as this. To eat daily is difficult. If not for the grace of God, I doubt my existence. I hope the government would help us to make things bearable as the year winds up.


‘I am not happy with my situation’ –MR. TIMOTHY

The economy is harsh. Prices of products and services have escalated. I am not happy with my situation. It’s like a disaster. Despite all these, I am only grateful to God for my sustenance.


‘It is disappointing’


I make do with the little I get daily. The change promised has really changed everything to rubbish. I hardly get three square meals. I made about N3,000 daily before, but I hardly make N1,000 now. It is disappointing.


‘To make ends meet is difficult’ –MR. FATAI

Business is hard. To make ends meet is difficult. The price of everything is high which has affected us directly and indirectly. We hope the government finds it bearing to make things better.


‘Things  are difficult’


I am grateful to God with the little I got. Things are difficult. My sustenance has been by the grace of God. Prior to this, I made about N3,000, but I hardly make a N1,000 now. We hope the government solves the country’s problem.


‘Everything is in shambles’


This economy is just too bad. Everything is in shambles. Our government has destroyed everything. To survive is extremely difficult for everyone. This administration should know what they are doing and stop making false promises.


‘It’s saddening and depressing’


The situation of this country is saddening and depressing making one vulnerable to certain diseases. To make N1,000 is very hard for me.  I hope this government help us and ease the situation.


‘I pray things become bearable’


I work from 5am to 10pm every day to make reasonable amount which is not even enough for my family’s sustenance. As this year winds up, I pray things become bearable.


‘The patronage we have now is low’ –MR. BOLUWATIFE

The level of patronage we have this year is very low to that of last year, which has resulted in low income. The fuel I used to buy is N500. I now buy it at N1,000. People now prefer trekking to taking bikes.


‘We experience difficulties’ –EZE RONALD

Work is going but not smoothly like before. The cost of a litre of fuel which was N97, now costs N145. Since the inception of recession, we experience difficulties as people prefer trekking to taking bikes.


‘Things are not easy as before’ –MR OLOYE

We are still managing because everything is not as easy as before. I have to work extra time to get something into my pocket.


‘People no longer take bike’ –MR. MATTHEW

No work at all. People have refused to take bikes, which has affected our level of income. My daily income before was N5,000. I hardly make N2,000 daily.


‘The cost of a litre of fuel has gone up’ –MR. JAMES

This recession has not favoured me at all. The cost of a litre of fuel has escalated. We still carry passengers at the same amount we used to.


‘Things are very hard these days’ –EMEKA KINGSLEY

I find it difficult to afford three square meals, pay for my children’s fees, etc. Things are very hard these days. My income has decreased drastically. My income which was N5,000 daily is now N2,000.

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