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‘Things are extremely hard for us’ – Commercial motorcyclists lament

The impact of the recession on motorcyclists has left them in dismay. They are faced with low patronage from commuters who are believed to now prefer trekking to taking okada (motorcycle).

This unprecedented issue has drastically affected their level of income, purchase of essential products and their sustenance. Earlier this year, they could make from N1,500 to N5,000 per day. Unfortunately, they hardly make N1,000 now.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of motorcyclists as they confirmed how the recession has affected their services, how they cope and their expectations from the government as the year winds up.


‘The economy is too harsh’ – MR. JOHNSON

Things have not been easy. The economy is too harsh. I am tired of this country. I am confused, frustrated and ashamed as the breadwinner. Most times, I get home late and I eat once a day. I don’t think I would celebrate Christmas this year. Nigeria has suddenly become the survival of the fittest. The government should please help us make things easier. At least they should listen to the voice of the masses.


‘I pray Nigeria gets better’ – MR. EMMANUEL AYODELE

Though the economy is worse, I still thank God for my life and family. I am trying my best. My plan now is to save money as the year winds up. I will try and celebrate Christmas with the little I have with my family. I pray Nigeria gets better very fast.


‘I feel like running away’  – MR. TOLANI ADEGOKE

Sometimes at the garage, I fight to get passengers due to the current situation of Nigeria. The economy is too bad. Sometimes I just feel like running away from all these problems or my family because I can’t adequately cater for them.

I expect this administration to find long-lasting solution to these problems fast before others would commit suicide or involve in social vices.


‘I believe things would go back to normal’ – MR. TUNJI

Everything has become unbearable. I am a bachelor but I still find it difficult to eat adequately. I find it hard to save money. It would have been worse if I had a family. I believe things would go back to normal.

I have faith this situation will change for better. The government should also find something to have it mitigated.


‘The suffering is just too much’ – MR. ANU OLUWOLE

Fewer people hop motorcycles these days. They prefer to trek or use the tricycle due to its relative cheapness. Most times, I have no option than to agree to the price offered by passengers. I have a family and I have to cater for their needs.

I hope the government reduces the pump price of fuel. The suffering is just too much. I do make N3,000 daily, but lately I find it hard to make N1,500.


‘It has drastically reduced our income’ – MR. CHUKWU SUNDAY

Recession has affected us very well. Few people go for bikes which has drastically reduced our income. The police intercept our business activity as they do seize our bikes and demand bribes. They are just heartless and inconsiderate. We beg the government to make favourable politics that we would benefit from. I do make about N2,000 before. Now, I get about N700 to N1,000 now. It has not been easy.


‘We consider what our passengers go through’ – MR. ROTIMI

The increase in pump price of petrol has compromised our service. I buy fuel of N1,000 litres compared to the N500 litres I do buy before. We also consider what our passengers also go through so the price of our service remains the same. The government should solve these problems before everything gets out of hand.


‘Things are below my expectation’ – UDO KINGSLEY

I am managing with the little I get. Everything is not in order throughout this year. Things are below my expectations. Ticket that was N50 now costs N100. Though we are against this, we would have to persevere. The present administration should help us. At the beginning of this year, I made N2,500. Now, I hardly make N1,500 every day.


‘I manage the little I have’ – KAYODE JOHNSON

If you don’t work, there wouldn’t be money to spend. We, however, have to manage the little amount we are able to gather at the end of the day. A lot of people now prefer trekking to taking motorcycles. Earlier this year, I made N1,000. I hardly get such an amount now.


Our level of income has reduced’ – MR. AKOREDE    

Our level of income has reduced due to the recession in the country. Pump price is high but we still carry passengers at the normal price. This administration should help find solution to these problems as soon as possible.


‘I look for other means for survival’ – MR. ABAYOMI

I have withdrawn working full time because things have really changed. The amount I got every day is not enough to cater for my family, so I had to look for other means for survival. Before I make N1,500 to N2,000 daily, but now, I hardly make N1,000 due to the poor economy.


‘Things are hard and unbearable’ – MR. MICHAEL

Our service is nothing to write home about. If I think about how worse it is, it could cause depression and other health hazards. The total amount I make prior to this recession was close to N2,0000. I hardly make N1,000 a day. Things are hard and unbearable. The government should consider us and make things easier.


‘I am confused and frustrated’ – MR. BADMUS

I don’t understand the way my business is. Everything has gone bad. I am confused, frustrated and mad at the government. The increase in pump price of fuel is killing our business. I hardly make N1,000 compared to N1,500 or N2,000 I made before. The government should make things go back to the way it was if they don’t know the way forward.


‘The economy is too harsh’ – MR. OLAMIDE AYANLOLA

The economy is too harsh. People’s bargaining instinct is on its increase ever since the economy became worse. We just have to look for means to service. At least, half bread is better than none. The government should help us.


‘Nigeria is too bad’ – MR. SOJI

Nigeria is too bad. Prices of everything has escalated. My only means of income is this, but how do the government expect us to survive with this worse economy? I am certain if it continues like this, the number of people involved in social vices will surely explode and I am ready to join them.


‘To earn daily is a big problem’ – UWEM JOSHUA

This recession has affected us a lot. There is an increase in all commodities and we are not left out. The motorcycle tyre we used to buy for N1,000 now costs N1,500 let alone other spare parts. To earn N2,000 daily is now a big problem for me.


‘I hardly make money’ – MR. SUNDAY

I am not happy with the actions of the present administration. The past administration offered me the opportunity to get about N3,000 or more working from 6am to 10am compared to N1,000. Currently, I hardly make good money.


‘Things are extremely hard’ – CHINEYE OKOYE

Things are extremely hard for us. To get three square meals I have to work over-time. My daily income prior to this recession was N6,000. I now earn 2,000 which I hardly get every day.


‘Things are not in our favour’ – MR. SUNDAY

Everything is not in our favour. Despite all this, the police intimidates and seizes our bikes frequently. Just last week, I had to pay N5,200 to policemen to bail my bike. How do they expect us to be paying such amount with the way things are? The government should solve these problems as soon as possible.


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