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Things you should never do in bed

Sex expert, Dr. Pam Spurr has revealed things you should never say in bed  to ensure you have a great sex life!

Don’t overreact when they get spontaneous. Don’t freak out, spontaneity keeps things exciting.

Avoid doing your signature sex styles. Your ex or many exes might find your technique cool, but this might not go down well with the new person. You can start slow with your signature sex styles to measure their pleasure.

Never go silent in bed. One of the biggest complaints women make is they get a guy in bed and he goes silent. Communicate what turns you on and what doesn’t. Making sex sounds like moaning and sighing at intervals is also good, it indicates pleasure.

Don’t be scared to get naked. If your partner proposes  jumping in a steamy shower, follow through with confidence. Light candles and caress each other’s bodies.

Avoid mentioning your ex. Even if your ex was good in bed, never mention it. The quickest turn off is to compare your partner to your ex. Encourage her instead – be flirty in your foreplay. This will boost her confidence.


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