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This recession is back-breaking, Nigerians moan

This elongated recession which has lasted over one year is not abating. And Nigerians pummeled by its effect are moaning as jobs disappear, income dwindles and frustrations multiply. 

Here, Nigerians share their recession experiences…


Folorunsho Michael

There is still recession across Nigeria.  I have lost a lot of weight because of recession. I was 70kg before, I am now 60kg. I am not dieting or working out, there is just not enough food to eat. I do eat two times in a day before, it is now once a day with snacks as the second meal.

In all ways, my children are also feeling it. They don’t eat three times a day any more, just two main meals and snacks. Times are really tough, salary is no more regular.


Ayo Olaniyi

I don’t think we need a prophet to tell us recession is still biting hard in the country. A carton of noodles is almost N2000, some brands even sell above that price. I cannot afford to buy a carton, not even half a carton. I cannot afford to eat out at work. If things were indeed in good shape, how wouldn’t a civil servant not afford to buy noodles.

In every sense of the word, everything is costly now. If things continue like this, very soon N50 will be useless because you wouldn’t be able to buy anything with it.


Sukanmi Balogun

You already know the answer. If recession is reducing, two of my children will not be in public schools now. I had to enroll them in public school because I can no longer afford their school fees. If recession is reducing, I wouldn’t move to a smaller apartment. Leaving a two bedroom flat for self contain is a terrible thing.

Prices of food stuffs have gone up. There is no money out there again, people are just managing.


Chinedu Nwagbaso

Yes, there is still recession. Two of  my friends have left the country in search of greener pastures. I am also just managing. Business has been a bit slow, I have been here since morning nobody to patronise me. Times are really hard, my sister. I wonder what our leaders are still doing in government, there is hunger in the land.

No money to spend, business is not booming like before. Things are expensive in the market.


Faithia Ahmed

I hope they have not started deceiving Nigerians again? Recession will end by September and he said they are trying hard to keep petrol price at N145. Is that a good sign? I don’t really know where to turn to, we are just in the hands of God.

Times are hard. Everything is expensive, people are just managing to survive.


Segun Abraham

Yes, we are still in recession. Companies are folding up, banks are downsizing. If the economy was good, all that wouldn’t be happening. Things are too expensive in the market. If you buy something today, by the time you go back again the price would have gone up . Salaries are not increasing one bit.

Money does not have value again. If you have N10,000 you will only come back with a sack from the market. Things are too expensive.


Dupe Olasanya

I think it is even getting worse. We thought there would be a relief when the price of rice dropped a bit but other food items are still there – beans is almost N2000, that is just a paint bucket. There is no money in circulation as well.

You need to visit the market, everything is expensive.




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