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‘This season, we are paying homage to our heritage and tradition’ – Vanskere on his new collection

Foremost menswear designer, Vanskere is set to roll out his 2015 collection; and this time the designs are paying homage to our rich cultural heritage and tradition.

In this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the preferred brand’s creative director, Evans Akere talked more on the collection.


Tell us about this current collection.

The theme for this current collection is still Signore Fusion, but with Palettes and Geometry. Just like our 2013 and 2014 collections, we are sticking to our design philosophy of fusing both the African and Western cultures, this is what the Vanskere brand has been identified with for a long time, but we decided to do it from a contemporary perspective this season.

What inspired this collection?

I was inspired by the process of a man’s experience with much emphasis on the ones responsible for shaping his entire being, and what other medium could he have translated all of that process better than the ones involved in creating a collage of shapes via panels formed by lines.

Also we look out for trends and give it our own interpretation, because you can’t be a designer and be ignorant of fashion trends.

How is this collection different and an improvement on previous ones?

This season, we are paying homage to heritage and tradition. Based on this, we decided to throw in some agbada, danshiki and kaftans, which were not in our previous collections. We didn’t want our designs to become monotonous, neither do we want to be unfaithful to our clients.

Who are your models this time?

We have our celebrity models, Kalu Ikeagwu and Joseph Benjamin, our Gulder Ultimate men, Dominic Mudabai and Michael Nwachukwu, and also Idris Saibu.

Who are those you are targeting with this collection?

As usual, we are targeting the stylish man and any other man that wants to stand out and look different.

What additions or changes have you effected to improve your overall brand?

We have done a lot to improve the brand. The need for improvement is what necessitated my study at the London College of Fashion last year. Some of the things I learnt have already been incorporated into the brand. Also, we have gone an extra mile to source the finest quality fabrics to suit the exquisite taste of our clients, while we have further improved our finishing to meet with international standard.

How much did your customers appreciate your last collection?

The collection was very much appreciated, the designs are still in high demand. Some clients even re-ordered them in different colours, that’s how much they appreciate it.

Did you borrow any idea from your previous collection and added to this?

Yes, I did. Just like last season I have once again made obvious my unadulterated love for colours and geometry, creating a collection of Afropolitan pieces, anchored by palettes and balanced with a plethora of shapes. I have always had a penchant for colours and shapes and have come to understand that our totality as human beings are directly and indirectly best described on the premise of both elements.

Why should your existing clients or prospective clients favour this new collection?

The designs in the new collection are well thought-out- engaging designs. You know that the Vanskere brand is obsessed with craftsmanship. So, the 2015 collection has a range of signature pieces considered as menswear staples for the man whose wardrobe is as buttoned up as his power point slides. Your wardrobe will definitely not be complete without any of these incredible designs.


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