‘Those who say I am broke are unintelligent and lazy’ – Singer, ESSENCE

A week ago, an online medium wrote that singer, Geraldine Okoro, a.k.a Essence, has gone broke, that she now treks the streets of Lagos and jumps on motorcycles now and then.  The report also added that the sexy singer may soon bid music bye as her career is in the downward swing.

The Kennis Music act who became infuriated by the story labelled the writer unintelligent and lazy, insisting she has two cars to herself and does many shows abroad than in Nigeria.  Essence, who claimed she has ‘somebody’ abroad also spoke on other issues…

What is the latest about your career?

I have been working. I am in the studio doing one stuff or the other. I released two singles last year and one will be coming out this year entitled, Seal Off.

imageWhen is the full album coming out?

Production is still going on.  We have some collaborations to do with some artistes.  Their schedules are what is delaying us.  As soon as we are done with all our collaborations, the full album will be ready.

Are you still with Kennis Music?

Yes, of course.  I am still with Kennis Music.  There are no issues between us, for the fact that I have been quiet does not mean I have left Kennis.  Even if I decide to leave the label, there won’t be any problem.

It appears you and Kenny Saint Best hardly go out together these days?

She is my big sister.  I can’t be with her all the time.  Don’t forget I travel in and out of the country, that means we can’t be in the same place all the time.  We speak on phone quite often.

Where do you visit whenever you are out of the country and what is your mission there?

I travel to the United Kingdom, Dublin, Ireland, majorly for shows, for holidays to enjoy their cool weather because Nigeria is too hot.  I go there to cool myself down.  Besides that, I have my partner there. I have somebody there who I visit regularly.

And who is that person?

I won’t tell you about him.  I am not a socialite, I am a musician.  There is nothing to know about my private life.

Recently, it was written that you are broke, that you now trek around town?

There is nothing wrong with trekking.  After all, I can’t go everywhere with my car.  For example, if I want to withdraw some money from the bank or the ATM, would I drive inside the bank?  Because I trekked down the road to get some cash from the ATM does not translate to being broke.

Since you lost your car to armed robbery, which one did you buy?

I have bought two cars since the incident. I have two RAV 4, a silver and another black.  I feel very insulted when somebody opens a blog and writes rubbish about people.  I saw the story myself, the writer has no address just the uninformed piece of trash the person wrote on the blog.  Internet is free, anybody can just wake up and open a blog and write rubbish.  The person wrote that I borrowed a car from my cousin, at least, I have a cousin that I borrowed a car from.  People abroad called me to tell me all these stories and they laughed because these are the same people who saw me on Oxford, Manchester, Dublin.  They just laughed it off.  If I am broke I won’t have the money to go to all these places.  Even if my partner sponsors me, it can’t be all the time because I also do shows abroad.

Very unintelligent report, the writer should go to motor licensing office and cross check my name among car owners in Nigeria.  If I trek while in the UK it means it’s cheaper to move around without your car unlike in Nigeria.

Would you be leaving music anytime soon because of your other businesses?

I am not leaving music.  I may have other businesses I do like the ushering job and MC that I do, I can’t leave music for that.  I am doing well with both businesses.  Let me also add that I don’t need to post my pictures on the Instagram for people to know what I have or don’t have.  Don’t forget I was robbed not too long ago and that has taught me how to shut my mouth. I don’t have the time to boast about what I drive and all that.

Essence-307x460Does your business also include event management?

No, just ushering and MC.

Which was your last job?

I have one next week.  I just came back from the UK, I have some jobs waiting for me.

In your absence, who is in charge?

Nobody because I have my name to protect.  You are as good as your last job.  I like to oversee my business myself.

What are your plans for 2014?

To release my album entitled, Back to the Basics.  We are still looking for time for some of our collaborations.  A lot are in the pipeline.

When is the wedding bell going to toll, since you have somebody abroad?

When it happens, everybody would know about it.


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