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Those who take selfies often are likely lonely 

Scientists have warned that those who regularly take pictures of themselves are more likely to feel alone. It could also signify trouble in relationships or mental health problems. New study also reveal selfie takers are likely to be vain and attention-seekers.

In Thailand, researchers examined personality habits of 300 students and how they often took pictures of themselves. Females aged between 21 and 24 were questioned to see if they had attention-seeking, self-centered and loneliness personality traits.
It was found that 50 percent of them spent their time on their mobile phones. Those who have lonely personalities took more selfies for approval from other people. The result showed that taking selfies was associated with the pressure of social media.
Head of the research, Dr. Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol from the National Institute of Development Administration, said, “Not only do individuals who become obsessed with taking selfies tend to feel that their personal lives and psychological well-being are damaged, but they may feel that relationship qualities with others are also impaired.”
Dr. Charoensukmongkol also suggested that, ‘Individuals with higher degrees of loneliness tend to report selfie-liking to a greater extent. Taking selfies allows individuals to control what other people see in the photos, it is not surprising that those who exhibit these narcissistic characteristics tend to like selfies because it helps them achieve this personal goal.’
“This could be the reason why individuals who like to take selfies tend to focus too much on themselves and express less concern about others,” he concluded.

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