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Thousands of protesters paralyze streets of New York, clash with police

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Manhattan, New York (USA) hours after a grand jury decided not to charge the white officer who killed an unarmed black man in Staten Island, in another case of a racially-tinged death.
Earlier in the evening (of Thursday, December 4) they blocked the West Side Highway before moving on,
marching across the entire midtown area. They also massed in New York’s Foley Square, near the city police headquarters shouting ‘Shut it down’ and carrying placards saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Racism Kills’.
Forty-three-year-old Eric Garner was filmed being choked (a banned NYPD practice) by officer Daniel Pantaleo last July. In the video, Garner can be seen repeatedly exclaiming, “I can’t breathe!” before going limp.

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