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Tithes and offerings drop sharply in churches due to recession

Recession has hit every aspect of human endeavors in Nigeria. Even some churches are feeling it, tithes and offerings are no more regular. ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with pastors to find out if indeed the state of the nation is affecting payment of tithe and offering…



Has offering and tithe reduced in church?

No, it has not reduced. People still pay their tithe and offering very well because they understand that there is a great power in paying tithe and God would continue to provide for them.



No, it has not reduced at all rather, I will say they reduced the real amount they are supposed to pay because everybody knows there is recession in the country. Before a working class person would think of paying tithe, he or she would look at their financial obligations. If they are married, they have their families to look after. So if you ask me if the amount they pay has reduced, I will say yes. but I will say no to the reduction of people who pay their tithes and offering.



Yes, it’s because most times people don’t even pay offering in church not to even talk of paying tithe. Some people do not even bring the exact tithe that they are supposed to pay. There are times we count N5 and N20 notes more than N100 or even N50 from the offering box. And sometimes, some do not even give at all which is stealing from God because God would definitely punish them for stealing.



It has reduced. Members no longer pay tithe and offering even when there is a donation in church just very few people will stand up to donate.. It is not the fault of members because everybody knows there is recession in Nigeria.



It is relative. Two months ago in my church there was reduction in the amount we received as tithe and offering but last month was different, even at the area and provincial parish, they also witnessed an increase.  So I cannot say that the recession is affecting people in that area.



No, members are still faithful to their God. We try as much as possible to make them realise that this is the crucial period to give more. I believe their faithfulness can make a difference in how God would bless the works of their hands.



It varies but generally I would say no. One thing is sure, if you give when you have little, God can multiple what you have. I charge people anytime  I have opportunity to take offering, I encourage members not to look at the situation of the country, that would discourage them.



The church witnessed a drop in the number of tithe last month. I quite understand that anyway. We have some members who lost their jobs, we cannot compel such people to pay when their finance is troubled.



No. Funny enough there was increase. At least, I know of some members who lost their jobs, that didn’t affect the tithes and offering. The only aspects that I think has drastically reduced is donations. After paying tithe and offering, they don’t bother to donate to the church again.



Offering and tithe has reduced because business is slow. I have more of business men and women in my church. They still pay but not as much as they used to. The church has to support some of its members who have needs, we cannot compel such people to pay tithe.



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