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Toke Makinwa bares it all: her endorsements and secret beauty tips

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‘Things are falling in place..’

The talented, delectable and fashionable, On Air personality of Rhythm FM, Lekki, Lagos, Toke Makinwa has every reason to be in high spirits as she just bagged two endorsements, A Chicken Republic television advert campaign tagged, A girls gotta eat and a Lipton advert campaign. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her via email and she told us all about her endorsements, how much richer they have made her, and her secret beauty tips…

Congratulations on your recent endorsement from Chicken Republic, how did you bag the deal?

This year has been so amazing, I bless God for growth in my career. He keeps opening new doors for me. My good friend and colleague, Yomi Black gave me a call about the campaign. He had been contacted to shoot the promo and we went back and forth on the budget but once we agreed, it was good to go. I had so much fun shooting the commercial, I will totally do it again.

What was the experience on the A girl’s gotta eat ad campaign like?

It was fun, it’s always fun working with a familiar face. I had to wake up really early and I was out the night before. Let’s just say it was a shoot to remember.

We understand you also have a Lipton endorsement, how did you get that deal too?

Yes, Lipton! Pretty amazing, right? The call from Lipton came when I was in London. Up until now, I have no idea how they found my number but I remember I wasn’t having the best of times then. I took a break to breathe for a while and the third day of my holiday, I got the call. I thought it was a joke but turns out they meant business. They asked if I could fly back almost immediately. God did it, I bless Him for it all.

Please, could you tell us how much more richer these deals have made you?

Let’s just say I am not where I want to be yet but I am definitely far from where I started. I am a couple of bucks further from the beginning.

Do you see yourself taking up acting soon, because you did so well on the Chicken Republic’s A girls gotta eat ad campaign?

Thank you. I would definitely love to try acting. I would love to be in an animation. I am so crazy about changing up my voice and being silly.

I have read a couple of scripts and I am hopeful that if it is God’s plan for me, it will find me.

Tell us about your Video blog (Vlog) series?

Toke Moments. It is pretty amazing. Another thing I am so over the moon about. I want to have my own talk show sometime soon, I pray this happens before I turn 30. It’s all in God’s Hands and I believe starting out on your own is not easy. A friend called me up earlier this year and he said “check out Jenna Marbles.” Jenna is a Youtube sensation and has now become the 4th most searched person on the internet. She pretty much puts out videos about anything and people find her personality very infectious. I did, and I thought to myself, I can totally do this. I can let the world get to know me and spread my tent far across the shores of Nigeria and it is working out. I have become a YouTube partner, I have Vlog lovers in countries like Canada and beyond and God is really working. I talk about social issues that people normally shy away from in public. They talk about it behind closed doors and with their personal friends but never in public.

I thought I would speak about things that everyone can relate to and add some sarcasm, humour and lots of fun and people took to it. You can watch it on www.youtube.com/tokemakinwa.

We still want a sneak peek of your wedding plans. The last time we had a chat with you, you told us you would let us know when it’s time?

I am still going to let you know when all my plans have come together. God- willing.

You always look good on the red carpet, what informs your style?

Anything that I am comfortable with, anything I think is sexy and anything I feel makes me look chic. I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing stylists who have impacted my style positively and I love pushing the envelope so it’s quite easy with me.

What’s your beauty routine like?

I never go to bed with any make up on, I pay attention to my skin. I love my skin looking healthy and radiant.

What’s that beauty product you can’t do without?

I only just started using L’oreal visible radiant cleanser milk/toner. My skin feels revitalized.

Toke and Maje

Toke and Maje

How do you manage to keep your skin glowing and flawless?

I always make sure I visit the spa regularly.

What do you do to keep your figure?

I haven’t been exercising as much as I would love to admit. I am working to correct that as soon as possible. Sometimes, I get really busy but I got the opportunity to host the Mary J.Blige concert in Lagos very recently and I was so ashamed to see Mary’s abs. at 42! She had all the packs in place.

What’s your fashion fetish?

My fashion fetish are shoes, bags and scarfs too.

How do you relax after a long day on the job? 

I am always working, I thank God for the opportunity to do all that I am doing. I wake up at 4am every day, I am on the radio before 5am and after that I am hustling to make a living on television, hosting gigs and much more. I try to watch some series when I can, but I have slacked on that too.


  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, October 8, 2013



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