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Toke Makinwa dodges questions on troubled marriage

-‘No comment!’ she cries as tales of husband impregnating long-time lover spread

Mrs. Toke Makinwa-Ayida, a popular On Air Personality and Vlogger has refused to comment on her alleged troubled marriage. Throughout last week, the internet was agog with the news of Toke Makinwa’s husband, Maje Ayida with the news of not only impregnating his ex-girlfriend, Anita Solomon but also the fact that the said Anita had gone abroad to deliver the baby.

When ENCOMIUM Weekly called Mrs. Toke Makinwa-Ayida on Monday, June 22, 2015, this was what she said:

Toke: Hello

Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa

ENCOMIUM Weekly: Good morning….

Toke: Okay, what can I do for you?

ENCOMIUM Weekly: Am I speaking with Mrs. Toke Makinwa-Ayida?

Toke: Yes, you are. What can I do for you?

ENCOMIUM Weekly: You probably know why I am calling you. It is about the story of your (she didn’t allow us to finish the statement).

Toke: (cuts in) I don’t have any comment, I don’t have any comment.

Mrs. Toke Makinwa-Ayida has probably gotten over the shock and trauma the news of her husband’s rumoured infidelity must have caused her, because when we called her the previous week (on Monday, June 15, 2015), she didn’t wait for us to ask any question. The moment she heard from ENCOMIUM Weekly, she switched off.

Toke’s comment on her Vlog on youtube on Thursday, June 18 indicates that she has come to live with the reality of her situation in her marital life.

In her words on the Vlog she said, “This has been a very, very, very crazy week. The purpose is not really about me. I am not one who enjoys talking about myself…I just want to talk about other issues.”

Her topic for the day was also suspicious. It was about those going through crises in their relationships.

She went on to advise women to stop taking blames for the misdemeanour of their spouses or boyfriends. She also admonished people generally for being judgmental and blaming women for the atrocities committed by their husbands or boyfriends.

She cited the ease of a woman that wrote her that she was blamed that her husband impregnated her cousin.

“How dare you blame her?”

“Was she the one that put his thing into her private part?” She also admonished women to stop living in self denial.

According to her, “A lot of people need to stop living in denial. The first thing you need to do is to accept the situation.

“It is not about you, stop blaming yourself.”

She went on to advice women in relationships to take the situation in their strides and move on.

In her words, “The sun will definitely shine again because it will always do. For every whao, there is a bigger whao. For every fish, there is a bigger fish. For every scandal, there is a bigger scandal.”

She finally stretched her hand to all women in relationship crisis as a hand of fellowship-meaning we are in it together.

One thing that was conspicuous on the Vlog is the missing marriage picture of Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida.

Maje and Anita

Maje and Anita

Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida get married in January 2014 after their off and on relationship that spans 12 years.

Anita Solomon, the woman that is alleged to be pregnant for Maje Ayida, is also said to have been in relationship with him for eight years.

In fact, someone wrote this on the blogs on internet, “Toke can lie for Africa. Before I write my own, let me say Maje Ayida is a woman wrapper from time!!! Whether Toke stays at home or is a career woman, he was going to cheat no matter what!!! But Toke, was Anita a stalker? Was Erica a stalker?

“Were you not the side chick when he was formally dating those ladies? Who chased them away from Maje so there would be space for you? Was it not you and your Bacchus friends? Sending them anonymous emails, text messages and phone calls?

“Harassing them in clubs, spilling drinks on them, all sorts of childish things to let them know you were in side chick then? Na lie?

“Maje was dating Anita, you (Toke) was seeing him on the side in those days of Bacchus, same with Erica Coswoth. Did you really think after you managed to chase them that you will have peace in that marriage?

“He cheated on them with you. So, of course, he will cheat on you too.

“Karma is a bitch. Anyway, as for Maje, yes, we all know you didn’t really want to marry Toke. I mean, even up a few days to your wedding, you were asking your friends if you should marry her…(smh)! But nobody forced you to go to the registration office without your family’s consent. So as you make your bed you must lie on it and make it work out with Toke.

“Anita, I wish you safe delivery because your baby is innocent in all of this. I know Toke made your life a living hell while you and Maje were dating.

“Maje, go and settle with your wife. Make it up with her. Toke, it is well after all you got what you wanted nah – Mrs. Ayida.

“But sarcasm aside, keep your head up. This will soon be stake gist. But you Toke Makinwa knew, he will always love Anita. So, if you are wise cut your lesses now.”




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