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Tonto Dikeh can still save her marriage! Here are 6 ways to rescue her 17-month union

Star actress and mother, Tonto Dikeh can still save her troubled 17-month marriage to Churchill Olakunle Oladunni!

And salvaging the union, littered with dirty accusations, from adultery to battery and smoking marijuana, is not too difficult.

The most important thing is to decide that staying married is in the interest of their one year old son, King Andre, and the society.
Studies have shown that broken homes contribute to many societal maladies and put children nurtured out of wedlock at a disadvantage.
Here are ways Tonto Dikeh can quickly douse tension and create room for peace:
1. The altercations on social media and accusations should stop now.
On her part, she should bury her ‘ego’, and forget the urge to appear justified in the eyes of the public.
Really, no one cares about who is right. People are actually laughing and sniggering.
Painting each other in bad light is detrimental to resolving the issues.
2. Allow Churchill access to his son. Seeing his son will warm his heart and create room for settlement.
The interaction while picking up King Andre may rekindle the romance.
3. Fight fair and square and decently. Explore recognised channels of dispute resolution like parents, the church, marriage counsellors, close and matured family members and friends.
And present the issues and challenges in a cool and decent manner. Save the drama for your acting roles.
4. In marriage, like most relationships, mutual respect counts for a lot.
The man is the head of this union, and he’s not a competitor.
Acknowledging this fact will help enormously.
5. Remember the elements that created and fanned the romance and love.
And play down all the negatives. That is what is meant by ‘love conquers all.’
6. In the following weeks, anger will subside and all the antagonism will be unimportant.
No matter what it is, time heals.
That’s how our parents kept unions going…in spite of all the challenges of philandering, having children with mistresses, taking other wives and more.

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