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Tony Okoroji’s new single, Happy Music set for January 2017 release

Several years after titillating lovers of good music in Nigeria and beyond with hit songs like Juliana, Oriaku, Mama & Papa, Locomotion, etc., fans of the special sound of Tony Okoroji are in for a big treat come January 2017 as Okoroji releases “Happy Music”, his first single in many years.

The question on the lips of many will be “Does the maestro still have what it takes?”

The extra-ordinary manager of men who made PMAN, the musicians’ union, a household name and established COSON as a multi-million-naira institution and one of Africa’s most respected copyright collective management organizations, has gone back to the making of music which in the first place brought him to national limelight.

Tony Okoroji’s “Happy Music” will be released on his TOPS label which has also assembled an incredibly talented crop of young Nigerian songwriters, singers and producers.

In the last one year, the renowned songwriter, performer, author and copyright guruwho for many years was a sought-after music producer and Artiste & Repertoire Manager for EMI, the big international recording conglomerate,has spent hours and hours in the recording studios as he and his young team he calls the “TOPS All Stars” has set out to redefine the music scene in Nigeria in 2017 and beyond.

Some of the products of Okoroji’s TOPS revolution is KASI, the red-hot power bike riding songstress born on June 12, 1993 who will be dropping two singles in January 2017. There is of course GWILZ, the guy whois not shy to tell everyone, “I am the King of the Word, the Toastmaster-General and the Minister of Rap. I was born on October 1 and I am lyrically licensed to kill!”Gwilz has two singles ready to scatter the dance floor in February.

Kul-GP, the Afro-Pop, Dancehall and R&B master crooner and rocker whose unique resemblance with Reekado Banks is talk of the town is also on the TOPS stable. Also in the mix is Milly-X, the dashing young multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, songster and producer who has become a key player and creative genius in the TOPS revolution. There is also the silky smooth, good looking and immensely talented Dolzi, the afro-pop singer nicknamed the King of Melody.

Okoroji is confident that with “Happy Music” he will affirmatively answer the question, “Does the maestro still have what it takes?”. Says Okoroji, “Yes, I have a lot of experience but my creative energy is still very young and strong. In the recording studios, I have been working with a lot of young people and we are cross fertilizing ideas all the time. In ‘Happy Music’, my old fans will find a lot to celebrate in the unique sound that has brought us together these many years and those who were not part of the groove will be hooked.  When ‘Happy Music’ drops, there will be a lot of singing and dancing. What I wish is that people will get the music properly and not resort to piracy or illegal downloads which is why TOPS and GREEBEE Mobile signed the recent distribution agreement to make sure that the music of TOPS is everywhere and everyone can get our music legitimately. I wish everyone happy listening, happy dancing and happy enjoyment of ‘Happy Music’”.





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