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Tony Tetuila, My Lagos, ‘Lagos is no man’s land’

The golden boy is celebrated across West Africa but Lagos is where he calls home…


Where do you live in Lagos?

I stay in the ghetto, and that is Bariga. Why I stay in Bariga is because Bariga people got my back right from the time I started my musical career. I’ve been there since 1996 and since they noticed I’m from Bariga, they have been supporting me.

When did you start living permanently in Lagos?

I was born somewhere in Ebute Metta, that was way back in 1974. Since then we’ve been moving from one place to the other. From Ebute Metta to Ajegunle where my father’s house was then and now Bariga.

What do you like most about Lagos?

Lagos is no man’s land because I can claim to be a Lagosian also. Lagos is a place where everybody has come to live, work, make friends and rest. So, I will say all my life savings and life doing are all in Lagos. That is why I claim Lagos, but actually, I’m from Kwara State.

What do you hate most about Lagos?

What I don’t really like about Lagos is people running after you being an artiste. I thank God for that because it is very encouraging. But when it comes to extorting money from, this and that, you can go bankrupt. But I really like it because it shows that what you are doing is really, really encouraging. But one thing about Lagos is the problem of light. Light goes on and off anything, which is bad.

What do you miss most each time you travel out of Lagos?

My fans. I love Lagos because it’s a happening place. You can move around at any time, you can go anywhere at any time. Maybe because I’m a public figure, you meet your friends and all that.

What’s your Lagos’ favourite hangout, club or pub?

Do It All, NIteshift Coliseum, White House, 11:45 and Extreme.

How do you move around in Lagos?

With my guys. If you see me, you will see like six other people around me and I appreciate that.

Where do you shop in Lagos?

Talk to Me, that’s my favourite guy, Victor. He gets things for me when he is out of Nigeria.

How are your hobbies?

I like swimming and whenever I want to relax, I like playing video games or I write music. But I wait for inspirations to come.

What new project are you working on?

I am working on a new album called Free Soldier. It’s a true-life story. I have some other tracks like Prayer for Nigeria, Put the Drink, Omo Lara, Omo Eko, Na Dem Know and all that. I have about nine tracks, but I’m trying to add one gospel to it.


(First published in 2005)




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