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Too lazy to diet? Try sex


According to experts at Curtin University, Western Australia, dieting doesn’t cut it, having sex – and more sex – will put you in great shape!

In the analysis of sexual health studies, researchers claim sex releases hormones necessary to improve mental and physical well-being.

Professor Matt Tilley explains that a regular sex experience with your partner, that’s positive, is going to facilitate a connection.

“When we look at the function that those hormones might have, then we can see that they assist to reduce stress, and of course endorphins specifically might act like a natural anti-depressant.”

Having good and quality sex clears your skin. That feeling of love and affection produces two hormones – endorphins and serotonin. Endorphins trigger the growth of new skin cells, minimizing wrinkles and acne.

It also acts as a perfect work out. Professor Kevin Netto, from Curtin University’s School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science stressed that “it’s exactly the same benefits as doing a full body cardio work but the thing is you have to maintain it for long.”

In 2013, a study by the University of Quebec (Canada) revealed that half an hour of sex burns an average of 70 – 100 calories. It also boosts one’s figure.

Sex naturally drives up your heart rate. It is equivalent to around 23 minutes of cycling. A hormone, Serotonin released during orgasm gives a wave of happiness and calm feeling of stress and anxiety.

Professor Tilley noted, “There’s that understanding of ourselves as a sexual being who is able to satisfy our partner and is also able to derive pleasure ourselves. Those feelings are likely to increase the sense of who are.”

It also helps you sleep well and sound. When we orgasm, our bodies produce a hormone called prolactin, which makes us feel sleepy. Though men produce much more prolactin than women.


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