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Too much alcohol interrupts female conception -Experts

Studies show that one large glass of wine a day could cut the chance of women conceiving. According to experts, a female natural cycle can be interrupted when there’s too much alcohol in the system. This may also damage the egg.

6,120 women aged 21 to 45 who were trying to conceive were involved in a Danish research. They found out that women who had at least 250ml glass of wine a day were 18 percent less likely to conceive over a year.  While women who had slight alcohol intake did not experience reduction in conception.

Meanwhile, researchers from Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark found out that spirits also had a little effect on fertility. Women who drank one glass a week of spirit, were 11 percent less likely to conceive while those who had two glasses had their chances reduced by 13 percent

Alcohol consumption expert, Dr. Annie Britton from the University College, London,  says there was no need for women seeking conception to give up alcohol completely. Adding that, “total abstinence may not be necessary to maximize conception rates’ because ‘if alcohol is consumed moderately, it seems that this may not affect fertility.”

But in case a couple is experiencing difficulty in conceiving, they should cut down on their alcohol intake.

Managing Director at CARE Fertility, one of the largest providers of private fertility clinics in the UK, Professor Simon Fishel observed that the study appears to give some reassurances that, in the general population who wish to conceive, moderate alcohol drinking in this population does not appear to affect the chance of conception.’

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‘If you drink while trying to have child, do it in moderation and don’t overindulge,’ said Professor of Genetics, Prof. Darren Griffin from the University of Kent, UK.

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