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‘Too much powder ages a woman’ – Joke Silva, Actress (BEAUTY SECRETS OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS)

HOW can we describe her?  Nollywood royalty and class.  Intellectual, venerated, admired, well-liked and the only half of the esteemed Jacobs acting colossus.  And not only is she an expert at her craft, she is also naturally beautiful.  Dark, naturally gorgeous and elegant, the respected thespian took time out of her very busy schedule to squeal her beauty secrets…


What are the three beauty/makeup items that you can’t do without?  And why?

Oh!  I can’t do without my eyeliner.  I don’t wear too much makeup anyway, but I can’t do without my eyeliner at least. I’d feel naked.  I like to have my lower lids lined because it makes me look very awake and alive.  When I don’t wear eyeliner, I look tired.  And I like the dark and shiny black pencil, not the matt, dry ones. I will also use the brush eyeliners.

joke2Another thing I can’t do without is lip moisturizer.  I love Clarins lip balm, it’s really good for me.  Otherwise I use plain old reliable Vaseline for my lips.  Very moisturizing as well.

Last thing I couldn’t do without is…probably eyebrow liner.  I have very sparse brows and using the brow liner just completes the look.

Three beauty items/treatments you would NEVER do/use…why?

Hahaha…to be perfectly honest, I’ve tried everything…seriously. In our search for beauty and the products I think I can say I’ve tried so many things. I might then decide it’s not for me, but I have definitely used it…

What is the best single piece of beauty advice that you have ever got, and that you live by?

One thing I wouldn’t do and I’d advice women also is not to use too much powder…it ages.  I believe in letting the skin breath.  That’s not to say if I have a red carpet event I wouldn’t go the whole hog, but when I am not doing anything I like the face to go naked…just moisturize and let it breath.

What is your skincare regime?  What do you do for your skin from the minute you wake up till you go to bed?

In the morning I use a cleansing milk to wash my face, it’s actually a foaming cleanser from Clarins as I like the feel of spa and water on my face.  My moisturizer is actually a mix of Sebamed and Clarins.  The Sebamed addresses the oily areas and the Clarins has sunscreen in it.  Sunscreen is very important at inhibiting the excess melanin that we black people have in our skin.  I just find it works very well for me.  There are ways of setting the agenda for the things.

I also like Clarins because of the sunscreen in it.  We produce a lot of melanin and we need something to ensure that it is not too much.  And a little goes a long way.  With that, I don’t really need much through the day except blotting tissues to dab the oily bits.  At night, I find I benefit from a night cream and I find that he older I get the better my skin feels and looks when I use a night cream.  They work while you are sleeping.  I use Age Specific by Clarins, and you won’t believe how soft and smooth the skin looks and feels first thing when you wake up.  My skin looks so youthful.

What makeup brands do you like and use –foundation, mascara, lippy, etc.  Why?

For foundations and face powders I love Black Up.  They have a great range of foundations and now that I have learnt how to apply them properly I’m having fun with them.  The foundations blend very well and I also use the loose powder.  I like eye shadows and there is this amazing Nigerian company that makes wonderful eye shadow colours…it’s called Blush.  The colours are so vibrant and nice and I use them.  They also do a lovely loose powder.  I don’t particularly like mascara, it’s not my favourite thing mainly because I hardly have any lashes (laughing) and they are certainly not long…I’d rather use fake lashes, especially for red carpet events.

jokeWhat’s your skin type?  (Dry, oily, combi, normal).  What are the particular challenges that you face because of this?

I actually have combination skin.  I have the obvious T zone where my nose and forehead are quite oily.  Then my eye area is very dry, so I am addressing two different skin type problems.  I have to be careful with what I use so as not to make my dry areas even drier.  This is why I mix Sebamed and Clarins.  The Sebamed addresses the excess melanin and oil while the Clarins offers sunscreen and moisture; I find the balance using these together.

Do you have facials?  Why do you have them, what do you feel they do for you?  Where?  How often?

I used to be very regular with facials, say like once a month.  Now it’s something like once in three months.  As a matter of fact, I’ve only had one facial this year so far.

Any reason why?

I’m afraid, like many things in Lagos, the traffic dictates where you can conveniently go.  When I go for facials it’s usually the Nail Studio in Ikoyi.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done for fashion?

(Laughs)…Nothing…I’m so unadventurous.

How do you keep your body looking good?  Do you go to the gym?  What exercise do you do? How often?  Why?  What are your targets?

To the gym o…I used to…I used to be very good.  I have to say that over the years though I’ve just gotten lazy…pure and simple.

Do you diet?  Exercise? Why?

Of course, I am permanently on a diet (laughing).  I think I was a lot more disciplined sometime ago.  I’d say three years ago.  And I could see the results. It was more of a lifestyle change so, I didn’t for instance eat biscuits and certainly no soft drinks.  If I had ice cream it would be just a spoon and then I’d be okay to stop.  There were definitely result.  I find as one gets older it becomes increasingly harder to lose weight.  Now though I have a personal trainer, so I’m working again…

What’s your dress size?

Haa…No, I won’t tell you my size now, no I’m not sharing that with you.  Thank you very much.  When I get to my ideal weight I will let you know (laughs).

How do you relax?

I read a lot…I will read almost anything but I like books on politics a lot.  I also watch television, catch up with my favourite mini series.  And I do like to listen to concert music on the TV as well.

What do you do to pamper yourself?  Spas?  Massages?

Oh yes, I do like massages and spa treatments.  Probably once a month but having said that now I haven’t actually gone for one in about three months.  I do like treating myself to the cinema though, every once in a while.  But I tell you what, I absolutely love doing my nails. I am always doing my nails, I just love manicures, so relaxing and I love it when my nails are looking good, clean and neat.

Where do you get them done?

The Nail Studio.  I love the place.  That’s where my main men (her husband, Uncle OLu and her son) get their hair barbered as well.  I also get my hair done there.  For me, it’s like a one stop shop.

How would you describe your style?

In two words, elegant and fun.  For me, I like clothes that I feel comfortable in, but the key words are elegant and fun.

What is your favourite perfume?

J’adore by Christian Dior definitely.  It just seems to go with my chemical makeup, and I like the way it smells.  I also like Amarige by Givenchy.

What is your favourite colour?

I can honestly say I don’t have any particular colour that is my favourite…I like all colours of the rainbow (laughs).  But I know that for some reason I have every shade of brown in my wardrobe…it just goes so well with my complexion.  I would never have anything acidic yellow, no.  I don’t like that colour.

Are you a lipstick or lip-gloss girl?  Both?  Why?  What brands do you like best?  Why?

I really prefer glosses.  Once I have the right shade I’m ready to go. Black Up do really nice ones I use.

What things do you like doing to your hair?  Why?

Weave-on most times. It’s just so much easier to maintain.  I usually do it short, top of shoulder length.  And I do it at…yes, you guessed, The Nail Studio!

What’s the favourite clothing article in your wardrobe?  Why do you like it so much?

There are these pair of trousers that I have, I actually have them in dark blue, navy, black and brown.  They are so comfortable and boot cut.  They weren’t terribly expensive but they totally fit me perfectly and I look very good in them.  They are fantastic and wash and wear.  Need I say I got them from Nail Studio.  I just like the place.  They also sell some fantastic jewelry and I get a lot of things from the Nail Studio.

What’s the most expensive thing in your wardrobe?  Why did you buy it?

You might find this funny but I really like lace.  And I have to say I have some really expensive ones.  If I see something I like I might say oh, but the price, but then I will decide to close my eyes and buy it.  So, it has to be lace.

What’s your fashion fetish?  Shoes, bags, perfumes, jeans?  Why?

I like shoes.  Although I think I have kind of calmed down now because it is also becoming difficult to find a place to put them…but I will tell you what I am absolutely obsessed with…makeup…no, honestly…I collect and buy all kinds of makeup.  I actually have a very large professional makeup kit, and I have all the gadgets, the brushes, the pencils…all the proper lipsticks and literally tens of colours all arranged in their pots.  It’s so funny, makeup artistes have actually come to make me up and then they might discover they don’t have this colour or that thing and I will say, ‘What colour…?’  and bring out my giant box and flip it open, they are amazed (laughs).  And up till now if I see something I like I will buy and add it to my collection. In another world I could probably be a makeup artiste (laughing).

What will you NOT be caught dead wearing?  Why?

Ha, low riders.  Or what are they called? I wouldn’t wear them if I were paid a million dollars.  They are so disgusting. I mean, why would anyone want to be wearing something that shows the butt crack?  Yuck!  No matter how young or slim you are it looks so disgusting.

Who is your fashion icon?  Why?

People I admire fashion wise…I love Timi Ogunsanya.  She’s just so petite and beautiful and just never puts a foot wrong.  I also admire Morin Desalu.  Now she is slightly bigger woman but her sense of style is impeccable.  She knows how to combine colours so well and she looks good in anything she wears.

Who is your favourite designer and why?

For Nigerian designers, I like Tiffany Amber and her ethereal look.  I like Remi Lagos, I find she is very adventurous.  I like Tae and Kem Kem Studios is also good.  I like Amede, she does very interesting things with adire.

As for foreign fashion designers, I like Christopher and Banks.  They have some really exciting stuff and they design for all sizes of women.  For me, their clothes are age appropriate and they cater for everyone.  They are very popular in America and every time I go there, I tend to gravitate to their shops.  And their clothes are very well made and last forever.

Is plastic surgery ever an option for you?  Why or why not?

If I could afford liposuction, I will do oh (laughter).  I wouldn’t think twice.  What I will never consider is reconstructive surgery in the face.  I like my face and I am very happy with it.



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