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Top 4 destinations for Nigerians in 2016

At the beginning of year, a majority of Nigerians pick up their diaries to write down their vacation plans for Easter, summer or other periods when they intend to take their work-leave for the year and one of the most important factors they consider is the destination.

In recent times, the go-to for most people in Nigeria has included Ghana, Dubai, London, and other obvious cities. However, while they may have the time of their lives, visiting these places more than once takes out the fun and makes the journey boring. And these trips almost always bring about major pocketbook damage.

This 2016, Jovago.com, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking site  has made a list of top 5 best value destinations for Nigerians. These destinations are not only be novel for most travellers, they are wallet-friendly and offer adventure and stunning scenery. From high style and budget shopping to breathe-taking art, unique cultures and cuisines, read on to discover these places.


Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia is a major destination on a lot of lists (including Lonely planet, Forbes and CNN) as best value for 2016. Found in Northern Europe, it is often described as one of the most wired countries in the continent. Tallinn, the largest city in the state is cheap by most standards and a popular getaway. Food, drinks and nightlife are quite affordable compared to other European cities and visitors also have a lot to see: the preserved Old Town in the capital of Tallinn which boasts of rich history, the enchanting forests of Lahemaa National Park, and other sites.


Kampala, Uganda

Kampala, one of the favorite cities in Uganda, actually beats any other East African capital. While it is not as clean as Kigali, or as globalized as Nairobi, it is a dynamic and engaging city that features worthy attractions enough to keep you occupied for the duration of your vacation. With swanky restaurants and bars around the city, budget lodges and a bustling nightlife, you are bound to get the best value in this city.


Galicia, Spain           

The usual destinations for Nigerians visiting in Spain include Ibiza, Barcelona and Madrid, however, Galicia, located in the  northwest region of the country offers a rocky coastline and communities barely explored by tourists. Nigerians who love to discover new places will definitely get the best experience in this area. The food- including meat, cheese and seafood- is affordable and can be found in the many restaurants and bars throughout the region. Hostels and apartments are also available accommodations for budget travellers.


Goa, India

Most Nigerians tend to think of India as the place to go to when you have a medical emergency or health problem, however, the country is much more than that. While large cities like Mumbai and Delhi might not be of such great value (budget-wise), Goa a small state in the country  offers a great travel bargain. Its collection of beach and inland towns offer enough motivation to hang around. The state also offers the cheapest hotels and a variety of gastronomies for Indian food lovers.

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