Top 5 jet owners splash N600 million annually on flight and cabin crew

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-How Dangote, Adenuga, Oyedepo, Sheriff and Alakija pamper their pilots and air hosteses

Bishop David Oyedepo, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Dr. Mike Adenuga, Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija and Senator Ali Sheriff splash about N600 million annually  on welfare and salaries of the pilots and cabin crew who man their expensive toys.



ENCOMIUM Weekly’s check revealed that aside splashing several billions to acquire their jets, these five jet owners  spend an estimated N468million annually as salary for their expatriate pilots and N36 million annually for the crew, while over N90million is spent on hotels and other perks.

Information available to ENCOMIUM Weekly revealed that both Bishop Oyedepo and Senator Sheriff, who reportedly own four types of jets, cough an average of N144million apiece as salaries of their pilots. Two expatriates usually man each toy and their monthly salary is N1.5 million apiece. That means each of them employ an average of eight pilots for these jets. Thus, monthly, each of them pay N12 million and over N144 million. A total of N288 million for 16 pilots, manning eight jets

Also, an average of two cabin crew members are usually on board and their monthly take home pay is about N100,000 each. Thus, 8 crew members are on the payroll of these wealthy Nigerians each, and they splash an average of N800,000 as their monthly salary and N9.6 million annually.  That’s N19.2million altogether.



Dangote and his neighbour, Dr. Adenuga both have two luxurious jets and they spend N6 million each as monthly salaries, which is N72 million annually for their pilots. Each of their pilot’s take home pay monthly is N1.5 million. Consequently both cough out about N144 million altogether annually as their pilots wages.

Interestingly, it was claimed that their cabin crew pick about N150,000 as monthly salary each, and each of their jets have two crew members. Thus, each of them pay their crew N600,000 monthly and N7.2 million annually.  In total, they both splash about N14.4 million annually on their crew members.

The only woman among them, Folorunsho Alakija simply pays her two pilots N3 million monthly which is N36 million annually, while the two crew go home with N100,000 apiece. That’s N200,000 monthly and N2.4 million annually.

Consequently, these five jet owners splash N468 million on their pilots annually and N36 million on the crew members every year.



Excitingly, these pilots enjoy highflying lifestyles. They are well pampered by their bosses. Although we couldnt ascertain which hotels precisely each of them lodge their pilots and crew but ENCOMIUM Weekly’s sources revealed that they are accommodated in exotic hotels within and outside  the country. Some of the hotels where pilots are lodged include Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Lagos and Abuja, Eko Hotel & Suites, Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, The Moorhouse in Ikoyi, Southern Sun, Ikoyi, Protea Hotels in Lagos and Abuja, amongst others. Aside being lodged in these expensive hotels, they eat good food.

Also, all the countries they visit, they always go on sight-seeing. If there is time, they club too.

They hangout in classy places where they can have a feel of fresh air and comfort after the stress of being above sea level for hours.

ENCOMIUM Weekly check revealed that due to their familiarity with expensive toys they fly, they are not comfortable with cheap cars that don’t have all the modern facilities.


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