Top Nigerian Wedding Photographers (3)

The Nigerian wedding management industry has taken a turn over the years from the regular owanbe parties to lavish and carnival like ceremonies. Brides and grooms always make sure pictures from their exquisite wedding end up on various social media.

A lot go on in the social media platforms and this is where the wedding photographers come in, the ability to shoot and create great memories with crystal clear photos.

Platforms like instagram, bellanaija,

wedding Digest Nigeria, My Nigerian Wedding have given brilliant photographers the chance to showcase their beautifully captured shots, and from there other intending couples see the pictures and begin to look through them and choose which of the photographers get to shoot their wedding and pre-wedding.

ENCOMIUM Weekly takes a cursory look at more of the top Nigerian wedding photographers who have been seen in the Nigerian wedding management industry and are known to capture exciting and beautiful wedding memories.


IMG_20151127_155309BARRISTER SEYI TUBOSUN – Seyiturbo Studios

How and when did you venture into photography?

I started photography in 2010/2011 before Law School. My school didn’t mobilize me online, so I had one free year. I joined a friend who had a studio, he had a nice studio but he had no concept. So, I worked with him and introduced a lot of concepts. We did lot of photo shoots and packaged them for awareness.

Along the line, I met another friend who was into photo-editing. I saw him editing and I was amazed. That was the first time I saw Photoshop at work. I went online and learnt all about editing. I can say I am a self taught photographer. I learnt online via Youtube videos and online tutorials.

While in Law School, I met influential people and I did a lot of freebies (photographs and editing). I spent most of my time doing pictures rather than study. Thank God I passed.

After Law School, people kept calling me. I also was into music before then. I was a keyboardist for Gbenga Adenuga, so he recommended me to the Presidency. Social media also helped out in reaching out. I became the executive editor of Golden Icons and I was able to meet a lot of celebrities from there. Golden Icons is an American based outfit.

How has the experience been?

It is very good. I make more money than from my law profession. Most of my friends from Law School now also want to learn photography. Sometimes when I tell customers how much I charge, they tell me they want to learn too.

Passion is key. Once you are there for the love and not for the money, you will enjoy every bit of it. You have to keep learning and develop yourself so you can wow your clients.

What is your unique selling point as a wedding photographer?

My editing, post production and style. By style, I mean like the way my pictures come out. I do digital liposuction. When I take a bride and she is sweating or uncomfortable, I will work on everything. There was a time I had a bride who was about eight months pregnant when she did her traditional wedding. I took the pictures to her but she did not like them because her nose looked big. I wasn’t happy, so I took the pictures back and worked on them. That was when I learnt digital liposuction. By the time I was finally done with the pictures, she loved the result.

I am good with brides and poses, the finishing products and I smile a lot at events. Wedding photography is a different ball game now, it is very serious.

Can you remember the wedding job that gave you your big break?

I think the Oniru wedding gave me the big break I needed. I shot Kehinde Oniru’s wedding and that was when I met a lot of celebrities. I got the job through my boss in America, Golden Icons.

How many jobs have you done this year?

I have done about 22 weddings so far. There was a Saturday we had about four jobs and we were able to do them all. I would be shooting all the weekends in December.


Khala photography image2ADEBUSOYE KUNLE – Klala Films and Photography

How and when did you venture into photography?

I started taking pictures in 2003, while I won the student union government election of the University of Ado Ekiti as Social Director. I needed a good camera to document all my events and campus shows, but that wasn’t my first camera. I got my first camera with the money for my JAMB form.

I got a Fuji camera thinking I would be able to get money on my own to pay for the JAMB form since it would close in two weeks. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to raise the money and I missed JAMB that year. My late father found out and he beat me up seriously. He promised to make sure he saw me through university because he noticed I wasn’t too interested in academics. I graduated from the university and served. I got my first job with Aviation Logistics. I resigned after two years to join Virgin Atlantic at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, where I worked for another three years. I resigned to study photography at London School of Photography and Washington School of Photography respectively.

How has the experience been?

The beginning was rough but it wasn’t too bad because I bought all I needed to set up from the US and London after my course. It was difficult at the beginning, meeting with clients and event managers. You are not accepted because nobody knows you and you can’t blame them. I took to the social media where you can exhibit and display your work and tag whoever you want to connect with.

Instagram has really been helpful and today we are everywhere by the quality of our job, excellent customer service, international relationship and our creative technical skills.

What is your unique selling point as a wedding photographer?

Our unique selling point is mainly creativity. We love to be creative when shooting and editing. We love to put smiles on our client’s faces and we don’t charge per hour.

We work effortlessly from early morning till our clients are tired. We don’t joke with time and we deliver as promised. Above all, we are also into event video. I learnt video production from DJ Tee Films and Alex Lex 10 even before I travelled to study photography. At a point, I shot musical videos, shot a couple of videos for a lot of music artistes and in less than two years, would go back to study film production in New York Film Academy. My musical video sense is what I input into wedding video trailers. We started in Lagos, shooting wedding videos like movie/documentaries with good trailers.

Can you remember the wedding job that gave you your big break?

We have had so many great weddings but the first two major ones were the wedding between Chioma and Leo Waiter, the former German Embassy Consular General, and the daughter of the Director General of JAMB and Admiral Oni son’s weeding. They had so much crowd and the pictures all came out well and the rush began from their families and friends.

How many jobs have you done this year?

This year all our weekends have been busy, except one weekend in June and another one in July. We give thanks to God and we will continue to be innovative and give our clients new styles and unique produce and services.


laphy photographyOLOWOLAFE LAPHY – Laphy Photography

How and when did you venture into photography?

I actually started with photo-editing, when I discovered that getting admission was really wasting my time. I know the most vital value/asset in life is time. I was doing great in photo editing but at a particular time I started having a wider vision for photography. While I was editing pictures, all my clients and my boss were all impressed with my job and I learnt it very fast because of the creativity in me.

And to the glory of God Almighty, I started teaching myself photography in 2010 through my editing skills.

How has the experience been?

To be honest, it has been adventurous. God is responsible for all I have achieved. Not by my power or my doing but of Him that created me for this great purpose to communicate to the world through images.

What is your unique selling point as a wedding photographer?

It’s as simple as my concepts. My vision is nothing but to give my bride and groom unforgettable moments. The brides are always my major target, and it has been working for me. Ladies cherish wedding and they always want to feel wonderful.

Can you remember the wedding job that gave you your big break?

All my wedding jobs have always been a big break for me because my starting point is what showcases my present level in photography. First, the wedding of Folusho and Tunde really exposed and put me out. It also gave me a very good recognition in the industry.

The Tejuoso’s wedding also put me out there, as well as the wedding of the daughter of ABC Transport owner.

How many jobs have you done this year?

I can’t give an exact figure because God has been so good to me to the extent that I can’t count or remember all the jobs I have done this year. There are some days that my photography company do two or three wedding jobs on the same day.

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