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THE Nigerian wedding management industry has taken a turn over the years from the regular owambe parties to lavish and carnival like ceremonies. Brides and grooms always make sure pictures from their exquisite wedding ceremonies end up on various social media fora.  A lot go on in the social media platforms and this is where the wedding photographers come in, the ability to shoot and create great memories with crystal clear photos. 

Platforms like Instagram, Bellanaija, Wedding Digest Nigeria, My Nigerian wedding and so on have given brilliant photographers the chance to showcase their beautifully captured shots, and from there other intending couples see the pictures, begin to look through them and choose which of the photographers get to shoot their wedding and pre-wedding photographs.

ENCOMIUM Weekly takes a cursory look at some of the top Nigerian wedding photographers who have been constantly seen in the Nigerian wedding management industry and are known to capture exciting and beautiful wedding memories.


akintayo 19‘I did the unconventional when I started’ – Akintayo Akinmulero (Akintayotimi Photography)

How and when did you venture into photography?

I studied Microbiology and worked for like six months and resigned because I wasn’t fulfilled.  So, I thought of doing something else.  I started with music, funny enough, photography and in-between I had other business concerns.  I had a salon, a taxi and more.  Photography for me started with taking passport photographs.

I got a loan from a bank and got a camera.  That was step one. It was one thing to get the camera, getting the job was another thing.  You would agree with me that the Nigerian wedding scene just blew up recently.  I know it’s funny, but I did something unconventional, I began to gate crash into weddings because that was the only way I could learn. Photography is more practical than theoretical and in Lagos, once you can package well, nobody will disturb you.

So, I dressed good, picked my camera, wore nice perfume, hold like two phones and my car keys and no security man dared tell me, ‘Oga, go back’ (laughs).  So, I started taking pictures.  That’s pretty much about when and how.  I began to build myself up, I haven’t gotten anywhere.

How has the experience been so far?

It has been amazing. I like the fact that I can set goals for myself and I can achieve them.  I like the fact that the wedding photography industry is growing.  I really don’t like any complaint.

At the time I started, I wanted to be a very good photographer. I didn’t see myself being the type of photographer that people would change their dates just because they want him.  I have had a groom really mad at me and I was like I don’t even know you and he was like you don’t know me and that’s why I am mad at you because you don’t know me.  But my wife has changed our date because of you, and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, what kind of pressure is this?’  I am just a regular guy with a regular camera who is trying to do stupid things with it.  It’s been wonderful and recently, people have began to embrace destination weddings.  A lot of people have had their weddings in America, UAE and other countries and have paid my fees and my flight ticket just to take their pictures.

Can you remember the wedding that brought you to limelight?

I think Peter Okoye of P-Square’s wedding brought me to limelight.  Then, I shot Paul’s wedding too, and also Tiwa’s wedding.

How many wedding jobs have you done this year?

We have like four Saturdays in a month and 12 months in a year, that’s 12 multiplied by four which is 48.  If there are 48 Saturdays in an average year, without exaggerating, I probably shot 40 times.  So, if I did 40 last year, this year, I have done like 35 and in 2013, when I started, I probably did like 15.  So far between 2013 and now, I’ve done about 90 wedding jobs.


jide kolawole2‘It’s been a busy year’ – Jide Kolawole  (Jide Kola Studios)

How and when did you venture into photography?

I’m just over a year in photography. My first real exposure to photography was with LAAH Photography. He needed me to carry light for him, and there I got hooked. It was really inspiring as I saw him catch and create moments.  From then on, I started following him for shoots. I saved for a camera and also got to assist and learn from other photographers -Jide Alakija, Obi Somto, Jide Odukoya, Tope Horpload and Laphy Photography.

How has the experience been?

I wish I could call it a bed of roses, but it’s far from it. From people labelling you expensive, to those asking for free shoots, to people wanting you to make them look like Beyoncé, to people asking for their pictures seconds after the shutter release.

I remember going for a family portrait shoot in a popular Nigerian celebrity’s family house and his dad asked me, ‘So, young man, do you have a real job?’ (Lol… Photography is a job I beg your pardon).  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed every step of it, largely due to the passion and satisfaction I derive.

It’s an art that’s gaining grounds in Nigeria and I’m happy that due respect is gradually being accorded.

What’s your unique selling point as a wedding photographer?

That’s hard. I know I try to create a cordial rapport with my couples. I ensure we become friends and grow out of the customer-vendor relationship. My pre-wedding photo sessions are oftentimes more of hangouts, ensuring we’re all relaxed and at home. When clients see you as a family, they’d have some form of “loyalty” to you and keep recommending you as long as you exhibit professionalism and timeliness in deliverables. Some people also call me the Dapper Photographer; my dress sense gives the guests a run for their money when I shoot weddings (it also wards off the ‘How much per copy?’ People).

Can you remember the wedding (job) that gave you your big break?

Are you kidding?  Of course, I remember, it gave me the ‘big break.’  I remember last year, getting a call from Papa Omisore to shoot his twin sister’s wedding.  God! I hadn’t even handled a wedding alone yet.  ‘You want me to shoot Omisore’s daughter and Arisekola’s son’s wedding?’  I said no, then yes, then maybe. I was confused, but eventually agreed (I didn’t even know how to charge them).  I shot the wedding, tried my best and then my pictures were on Bella Naija, Linda Ikeji, Nigerian Wedding, and all over the social media network platforms. From then on, it’s been calls upon calls, and I hardly ever get a weekend free.

How many jobs have you done so far this year?

My calendar says 23 weddings; 16 in Lagos, four outside Lagos and three destination weddings (USA and Dubai).

I’ve also shot some birthday parties, political and corporate events this year. It’s been a busy year, we thank God for business growth and the grace and strength to deliver.


Alistair Englebert Preston‘It’s pretty awesome’ – Alistair Englebert Preston (AEP Photography)

How and when did you venture into photography?

While I was growing up, I always had cameras to play with. My dad’s hobby was photography so, I got a lot of mentoring from him as well as the chance to take pictures with his old cameras. I developed an eye for great pictures over the years. With lots of practice and online tutoring, I developed my skills. Eventually, I was confident enough to showcase my work online and the emails and calls flooded in.

How has the experience been?

The experience has been pretty awesome. For five years, the number and calibre of clients who I have worked for has grown. The sincere criticism and encouragement from them has helped me improve my abilities.

What’s your unique selling point as a wedding photographer?

I would say that my ability to take pictures which can tell stories and serve as timeless reminder of the feelings shared between a bride and groom and the people who shared their special day with them is probably my best selling point. My client friendly packages are also a good selling point.

Can you remember the wedding (job) that gave you your big break?

Yes, I can. It was my pal, Kunle Osibogun’s wedding in 2009.

How many jobs have you done so far this year?

I have shot 22 weddings this year (this number doesn’t include events like birthday parties, corporate events which I also shoot).

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