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Top Orisun TV presenter, OMOLARA OLUBO reveals her success secrets

Top Orisun TV presenter, Omolara Olubo, popularly known as Iyagbogbo Miliki Express is one of the few ladies making Orisun a must watch for every family with her programme, Miliki Express which airs on Sundays. She is known for her unique dress sense and fluency in her native language, Yoruba.

In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the beautiful presenter shared how she joined the cable TV and the challenges that come with the job…


How would you recount your journey into broadcasting?

It has been God all the way because I have been through so much. I am a person that leaves all my troubles behind and move ahead. I cannot recount my journey without talking about, Bimbo Ogunsanya. He trained and made me believe that I can do it. When Bimbo came to me, he saw a bunch of talent that I never knew I had. One day, Bimbo came to my house and asked me if I could present on TV, I told him I was not sure I could but he assured me that I could. That was how I got into Orisun TV as a presenter.

Have you always wanted to do broadcasting or it came along the line?

I am a bunch of talent. There is no area I find myself that I won’t fit in. I see myself as crude oil when processed, it can do a lot of things. Back in the days, I loved to sing but it never occurred to me that an opportunity like this would cross my path.

What are the challenges?

God has been faithful to me, I love what I do and each time I am on air, I try in my own little way to do the little I can. When I got into Orisun TV, I practically do not know how to conduct a good programme for an hour without my guest getting tired and wanting to leave the studio but with the training I got from Bimbo Ogunsanya, I can run a good programme in less than 45 minutes smoothly. Honestly, God has been on my side.

What is the secret of your success?

I cannot do anything without God because when a seed is deposited in you and you are able to nurture it, before you know it, it grows and the whole world would see it.

How did you come about the business side of you?

I have a girl, Yejide, she is someone I love so much. She taught me how to make beautiful beads, she also makes most of the beads I wear for my programme. Anytime people see my beads, they always want to have something like that, so I took my time to learn from her and now I make and sell beautiful costume beads as well. As for clothing people, I have a passion for it. Three years ago, I attended Needlekraft Fashion School, anytime I wear a dress for an even or for my programme, I receive calls from friends and fans asking how they could get what I was wearing because I go for the best, so I decided to make a living from that as well in my own little way. I have a lot of clients both home and abroad, I have clothed the likes of gospel singer, Atorise, Dele Taiwo and Rev. Bayode Olubo of House of Favour Church and many more.

Have you ever seen yourself quitting broadcasting?

No, because I love putting smiles one people’s face, to give voice to the voiceless. No amount of money would make me quit broadcasting for anything in the world because I love what I do and it makes me happy. By doing that, God has been blessing me.

Aside broadcasting, what else do you do?

I act once in a while. I am a skin therapist, a gospel music artiste and many more. I do all that so I can put food on my table.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

We all have a vision but God is the Master Planner, whatever or whenever He wants me to do anything He will say it and I will obey. So, within 5 to 10years, I still see myself doing broadcasting, managing events, clothing people, treating people’s skin, making beads, doing my music but all in a larger form.

What has this platform fetched you?

I cannot do all these without the support and grace of God and people who believe in me. When I was doing music, I got some awards and when I started broadcasting close to two years now. It has also fetched me so many awards. I thank all of you for believing in me.



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