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Top Yoruba actor, FEMI ADEBAYO denies duping 66 year-old woman of N8.8m, ‘Let her confront me publicly,’ he cries

POPULAR Yoruba actor, Femi Adebayo has rubbished the allegation that he swindled a 66 year-old Nigerian born London resident, Lara of N8.8 million.

The versatile actor whose role in Jelili has earned him the nickname, Jelili, claimed the story is not only false but a calculated plot by his enemies to rubbish his rising profile.

The Kwara born actor in a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Thursday, August 8, 2013, not only denied the allegation but also challenged the woman in question to show her face and confront him. He said, “Let the woman come out with proof that I ever spoke with her. I don’t even know any woman like that. Why will people just want to spoil my name for unknown reasons? All I ask for now is for the woman to come out, publicise and announce that I cheated her or collected any money from her.”

The two were said to have met at one of the owambe parties. The handsome actor allegedly gave the woman a proposal for a movie production. Having known his father’s reputation, the London society woman, Lara, who is about 66, but single was said to have called the young man and gave him N8.8 million after a few weeks of their meeting.

It was also alleged that the reason Femi Adebayo pocketed the money was because he and the woman had something together. He neither shot the movie nor returned the money to the woman.

Femi Adebayo is married with three children. He was alleged to have dumped his wife, Khadijat when their marriage became stormy last year. He recently left his matrimonial home abandoning his three children.

You will also recall that Femi Adebayo’s marriage survived a reported Funke Akindele’s intrusion few years back. It was said that it took the effort of his father, Oga Bello to make him terminate his romance with Funke Akindele. Femi Adebayo, who denied ever having any issue with his wife said, “I am happily married and I see no reason for dumping my wife and kids. I love them like every good husband and father should love his family.”

Son of veteran actor, Adebayo Salami, popularly called Oga Bello, he is an actor cum producer. He recently became more popular with his movie entitled Jelili Oniso.


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