Toto Abuga’s widow Abiola Olatunji erects wondrous shopping plaza in Magodo

– Loses late husband’s property to in-law through court case

Mrs. Abiola Olatunji, widow of late socialite, Lukmon Alade Olatunji (Toto Abuga), seems to have moved on after losing her husband’s property to her mother in-law, Mrs. Olatunji. The business woman just completed a wondrous shopping plaza in Magaodo area of Lagos. She even dedicated the new property to her late socialite husband, Toto Abuga.

Mrs. Abiola Olatunji made the development public via the social media recently where she posted her private thought thus:

“Father, I thank you for your kindness. God has done it again. From plaza opening and dedication to God and my loving husband, Lukmon Alade Olatunji aka Toto Abuga.”

The new property is a storey building in beautiful colours and is said to be worth about N80 million considering facilities there and the location.”

Mrs. Abiola Olatunji recently lost her late husband’s property in a protracted legal battle with her mother in law and her late husband’s siblings. A Federal High Court in Lagos Island, Lagos, reportedly ordered Mrs. Olatunji to vacate the disputed property after her mother in law won the case.

The said property which has nine flats had been a subject of a protracted court case shortly after the death of the flamboyant socialite. The case went on for years until recently when it was finalized.

According to information, the disputed property belonged to Abiola’s mother in law just that her husband erected the house on the land and after the death of Lukmon Olatunji, his mother moved to reclaim the property and the house built on it by his son. She reportedly claimed her daughter in law (Mrs. Abiola Olatunji) who has two kids before marrying Toto Abuga cannot bring in another man’s children to inherit the property left behind by her son.

The Plaza

The Plaza

Abiola Olatunji has two children for her late socialite husband, Mazeed, eight and Mazourq, seven and from her previous marriage she had two children, Mojadesola and Jolaoluwa. We sent a message to her for an elaborate response on the issue. We got no reply from her though she had spoken about the court judgment in an interview she granted a daily newspaper recently.

“I felt so bad about the judgment. I never expected it. I was embarrassed with the whole thing. People kept calling me that the court said they should throw me out of the house. I never liked that portion that said I was asked to move out of the property. I was never living there in the first place. I moved out of the place a year after my husband died. It was after he died that I completed the Magodo house and moved in.

Mrs. Olatunji’s business concerns include hospitality and real estate. Lukmon Olatunji aka Toto Abuga was shot dead on Sunday, June 8, 2008, by unknown gunmen while coming back to Nigeria from London. He was cruising in his SUV with a friend when the incident occurred.

He was rushed to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, Lagos, but died shortly upon arrival at the emergency ward of the hospital. He was buried at the Ikoyi Cementary, Ikoyi, Lagos on Thursday, June 12, 2008.

Before his death, Toto Abuga was the toast of popular musicians. He was survived by parents, three children, and divorced mother of his son, Monisola.


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