Toyin Aimakhu confesses: ‘I regret exposing my body earlier in my career’

-gets first endorsement

Good things are happening to actress Toyin Aimakhu Johnson. The light skinned beauty has gotten her first endorsement deal with VasNets Technologies and signed the papers on Thursday, June 6, 2014 at their Lagos office.

Vasnets Technologies is a mobile value added service company and they have branches in the UK and Ivory Coast.

Toyin Ahimaku

Toyin Ahimaku

How do you feel about the endorsement?

I am happy because there is a big telecommunications company behind it. I feel honoured and elated. Although it’s not the usual way other endorsement deal go because it’s based on percentage, it’s a wonderful experience.

How did you clinch the deal?

I was actually called weeks back but I went to their office at Ilupeju, Lagos, and discussed with them. I love the package and signed the deal.

Why did they choose you?

I really don’t know. I can’t really say but I guess it’s my work and new found status. Most of my senior colleagues have endorsement deals with multinational companies.  I wasn’t really expecting it but it came to me as a surprise. It’s a source of motivation to me now that my work is being appreciated. I still have a big one coming which is a big telecommunications company but can’t say much about it now.

People believe you are long due for an endorsement?

I have learnt my lesson. People don’t like those who expose their bodies in public. Celebrities can do it abroad but its alien to our own culture. I was young and carefree and had nobody to caution me.  It took my husband to enlighten me and made me realise my mistakes. He helped me to realise I am a role model and have influence on my fans. I have realise these things now and it has helped me to have mature and quality fans who now show more interest in my personality and works. I now encourage other people. Ever since then my fortune has changed. I now have quality jobs and offers. I want to model my life after Omotola and Joke Silva whom I see as role models.

Would it be right to say marriage has brought you fortunes?

Yes, you can say that again. It has been a blessing to me. It has brought me a lot of goodies. Now I see a lot of beauty in me by covering my body.  I was living in Omole before marriage but I have relocated to Lekki, Lagos. I now have a lot of mature friends and fans. I wish I was married like 20 years ago.


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