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Toyin Aimakhu yet to confirm reality TV show

Top Yoruba actress Toyin Aimakhu is set to start her own reality television show. The show, said to be the next big thing on television, is meant to showcase her daily activities as it is and it is called “keeping up with Toyin Aimakhu”.

Encomium.ng reached out to the screen diva to congratulate her and get details of her show, but she didn’t pick her calls. We sent her a text message at 1:19pm, to which we got no response as the time of reportage.

The text message goes thus: “Hello, ma’am.Good afternoon, my name is Tinuola from encomium.ng. We would like to have an interview with you strictly about your career, academy and your reality tv show. Please, do let us know how to go about it. Thank you.”

A lot of people believe that Toyin Aimakhu’s reality TV show would be a hit, because of the various dramas surrounding her life – from her marriage breakup, to her relationship with film maker Segun Egbegbe, to her kidnap rumor and then to her break up with him.

Encomium.ng went to her instagram page and got comments from her fans and followers:

@adepeju_o – Aunty you don’t need a reality show at the moment no one need to be lowkey more than you after all the drama in your life… you better have a rethink before you do this.

@xtremelyprecious – when you go into reality show you aint gonna be able to keep it real no more, trust me. But if you go into it anyways, critics will always set a reminder for your programme.

@princeadex – I’m a fan and I like your movies, but nevertheless, i wouldn’t need to watch your daily activities.

@mideblack – How about “Tag along with Toyin”

@Veeveerich – change the name

@Bellelafriq – if we can keep up with Kardashian’s why can’t we keep up with Toyin

@quincee_lawrence – seriously I don’t get the essence, omotola who is widely known couldn’t even keep up with the reality TV show. Our big stars like Genevieve and co aren’t coming up with such and I wonder why this actress would wants to invest her resources in this. Besides her fan base is basically Yoruba movies watchers. Well it’s not my business, just saying it’s unnecessary. Ma’am you can do more than this, your academy is very fantastic and that would need a lot of resources. Realty TV show no be beans.

@iamsilverdot – just please make sure you count your cost. Don’t run into debt coz those keeping up with you will desert you. Beautiful idea but if you have the resources go ahead.

@salexfunky – are you a kardashian now, lol, not only keeping up, wa keep down tobabya.

@brookilicousfashion – ah people sha, when anyone condemns you on social media just know they are already condemned and bitter. Abeg if you like be a kardashian wannabe, if you like be real. Just be happy doing what you do. I believe I your reality TV show can be a a success. Go for it girl.

@tinuolajoseph for encomium.ng

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