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Tracy Nither, My Lagos, ‘People encourage you to stand on your feet in Lagos’

The conscious singer enjoys the competition in the city of Lagos…


Where do you live in Lagos and why?

I live in Ajao Estate because it’s a very beautiful place, very quiet and close to the international airport.

What’s your earliest Lagos experience?

The hustle and bustle, the traffic and so much noise.

When did you start living permanently in Lagos?

Year 2000.

What do you like most about Lagos?

The competition. It’s very high. And people encourage you to stand on your feet.

What do you hate most about Lagos?

Everyone is always in a hurry.

What do you miss most when you’re outside Lagos?

I miss the competition, and the company of my colleagues.

Where do you shop in Lagos?


How do you move around Lagos?

In my promotion bus. I’m hoping to get my own car soon.

What’s your favourite Lagos hangout?

Chicken Republic and Eko Hotel.

Apart from Lagos, what other city are you attached to?

Ekiti State.

Who’s your favourite Lagos celebrity?

Dora Akunyili. I like her humanity and urge to put things right and the Ekiti State governor too.

What are your hobbies?

I love singing, traveling and cooking.

What new projects are you working on?

Promoting my first album, Reality.


(First published in 2005)



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