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Tribute to Disu 3: ‘Thank you for the years of sound advise’ – Bella Disu

Daddy, you were a light, your presence always lit up a room. I am filled with many memories of your laughter and smiles. Thank you for the years of sound advise. If there is one thing you taught me, it was to be content and live a life of simplicity.

You have no airs about you and told us over and over the years that one would enjoy life if one simply learnt to be content with what they had. I have referred to this countless times.

I remember our phone conversation just this September, you had wanted me to do something. You said you hadn’t wanted to disturb me earlier but now needed my help.

Looking back I am so glad I was able to assist and you had thanked me profoundly. You were incredibly cerebral and intelligent. Your long talks were filled with wisdom, wit and humour. From the day she was born, your granddaughter, Paris has been said to look just like you. You, her and Jameel bear an uncanny resemblance to one another. I am thankful for this personal gift  to have a piece of you with us every day. We will miss you greatly. You left us too soon but I take solace knowing one day we will see your face, hear your laughter, see your eyes light up again. Rest in peace daddy, we love you forever.

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