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Tunde Folawiyo shines in bespoke gray double breasted suit

Ambode with Tunde Folawiyo

Ambode with Tunde Folawiyo

Tunde Folawiyo, the billionaire mogul with hands in many pies, was a picture of elegance today (May 16) as he met with the governor of the good people of Lagos. The son of late Baba Adinni of Nigeria, Chief Wahab Folawiyo, separated himself as a man of style at the meeting.

His gray double breasted suit didn’t escape the eyes of keen students of high fashion. And one thing, apart from the suit fitting him to a t, was the details on the suit cuff. They have working button holes, an element in highly structured suits. And he deliberately left two of them unbuttoned.

Depending on where the suit was made, it can command a price of £2,000 to £8,000.



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