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Turkey terror death toll may climb to 50, as injured now 147

The death toll of the terror attack at Ataturk International airport, Istanbul (Turkey), yesterday (Tuesday, June 28), masterminded and coordinated by three suicide bombers may cross 50, with about 147 reportedly injured.

Three explosions preceded by shooting with Ak-47s into the crowd by the terrorists with links to ISIS rocked the entrance of the arrival terminal around 8 pm. A brave policeman wrestled one of the suicide bombers who detonated his bomb. Another policeman shot one of the terrorists before he could blow himself up, allowing scores of people to escape imminent death.

Information pieced together suggest that the gunmen arrived in a taxi, tried to go through the x-ray machine before being stopped by policemen. They now began shooting into the crowd, killing security men and bystanders. Thereafter, two of the terrorists succeeded in detonating their bombs.

Already, a total of 36 are confirmed dead, with death toll expected to reach 50.


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