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Turtle Taido for screening at the Cannes Film Festival!

The first proudly Nigerian animated cartoon to hit our television screens has been selected for screening at this year’s Cannes Film Festival

For the second year running, the film festival has a dedicated day for animation, called Animation Day in Cannes, ADIC.

According to the Creator and Executive Producer, Muyiwa Kayode, “We are very excited about this development. It confirms our belief that we have produced a proudly Nigerian cartoon series which meets the highest global standards”

Turtle Taido is a super powered bubbly turtle who goes on an adventure to different cities across Nigeria. In the process, he makes friends and learns a lot about places, people, cultures and animals. Kids laugh, learn and dance with Taido. They learn about their country and its diverse cultures. They also learn about animals and places.

The series is produced by a team made up of people in Nigeria as well as in Europe and America.

The show currently runs on NTA Network every Sunday at 4pm. It is also being syndicated for broadcast on all African countries.

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