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Twitter users create Judas-inspired jokes, tweets for your enjoyment on #GoodFriday

Today is #GoodFriday, and trust Twitter users around the world to come up with creative content to mark the day.

This time, Judas Iscariot one of the Jesus’ disciples who betrayed Him has been made the butt of jokes.

“Judas” is currently trending on Twitter worldwide, and Encomium.ng rounds up some of the best Judas-inspired jokes and interesting tweets


“Nobody hustle pass Judas. Bros Judas hustle till e sell Jesus. Times are hard.”


@SkyNewsBreak “Footballer Paul Gascoigne has arrived at scene saying he is a friend of Judas Iscariot.”



“When you remember Judas ask if he could have your leftovers cause you “wouldn’t need them” at the last supper”


“Glen Weldon @ghweldon

Judas sneaks out of Gethsemene, rolls up to the club and makes it raiiiiiin. Only with 30 pieces of silver, so technically: haiiiiiiiil.”


TRAFFICBUTTER APP @trafficbutter

“FYI Judas is angry at d SAME 30pices of silver yrly, wen his counterpart in Nig re makn $B…Requests an upward review nx yr!”


Real Catholic @real_catholic

“Judas and Peter were at the same low point betraying the Lord. The difference is that Peter recognized God’s mercy and helped start a church”


cluedont @cluedont

“I see Judas is trending. What’s he done now.”


Glen Weldon @ghweldon

“SOLDIER 1: That’s Judas. We arrest the guy he kisses.

SOLDIER 2: … Kisses? Really? S1: Homophobia’s not a good luck on you Doug.”


GodlessG @g1rad
“Without judas, there would be no supposed death and resurrection. Christians are very ungrateful indeed.”





David Hughes @david8hughes

(last supper) “Wine!” exclaims Jesus touching everyone’s water glasses. “Wine, wine, wine [arrives at Judas] Mountain Dew lol.”


James Macpherson @jamesmacpherson

“Judas threw the 30 pieces of silver away – an acknowledgment that what he’d gained without Christ had actually made him poorer!”


Real Catholic @real_catholic

You know what they say, kids: Judas was the first to leave mass early.”


James macpherson @jamesmacpherson

Judas proves that God can be sold, but He can’t be bought.”


Ebuka Akara @ebuka_akara


So people are thanking Judas because of the Holiday from Friday to Monday?”


@InspiredFella: “It’s a pretty loooong weekend do make d best of it! Dive in & read up som inspired content onhttp://stillsmallvoiceblog.blogspot.com #GoodFriday Dont do Judas tins”


Tweet Like A Guy @TweetLlkeAGuy

“Judas was sick of it pic.twitter.com/Skzo6XpJzj”



“So this week ends on Thursday 😃😂 and next week begins on Tuesday Thank you Judas”



“If you love money or fear men, you become a card-carrying member of the crowd who crucified the Author of life. dsr.gd/1STMJFP”



*Hits a blunt* So if Judas was a traitor does tht mean he was a lightskin chap too? pic.twitter.com/RUravGKKsz


@ClerkofOxford “Judas takes thirty pieces of silver, and Christ sends the disciples to prepare the Passover”
@desiringGod “Jesus’s murderers needed someone close enough to Jesus to betray him, but far enough from Jesus to betray him. dsr.gd/1STMJFP”


@Jesse_Arreola “I’m in love with JUDAS”


John Onwuchekwa @JawnO “Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss so we’d know that someone’s public affection for Jesus might not be telling the whole story – Mark 12:44”


Gerry McBride @GerryMcBride “Judas: The one I kiss is Jesus Christ. Soldier: You can just point to him. Judas: (putting on lip-balm) I don’t tell you how to do your job.”

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